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minnesota isn't alone: Tysons Corner, VA Clarendon, VA i'm sure there's a good reason. it looks like apple REALLY researched EVERYTHING when they went into the retail business
i've been looking at a couple of the 'smartphones' that are coming out in the next few months; they're combination phone and pda (palm OS 4). kyocera 7135 samsung i500 they're both pretty similar, except the kyocera has an mp3 player (which i don't really care about) i was looking at some of the other...
here's to Macworld in Washington, DC!!!!! (or atleast an Apple show!!!!) [ 10-18-2002: Message edited by: Max8319 ]

what about monsoon or logitech speakers??
can someone explain what this card does? is it a graphics card that would replace like a GF 2MX? or is it like the TIVO? or is it both? is it a card that i can put in an empty slot in my powermac, or is it one of those USB ones?
whew.....i actually found an answer last night...i was searching ipodlounge and i found the exact same problem... what you need to do is install the update to your hard drive first...then go to finder-hd-applications-utilities. in there there's a folder called ipod 1.2 updater. open it and then the installer is in there...double click and it works i never heard of anything like this before...there was nothing in the read me or anything...i had tried dragging the updater...
not sure if this is the right forum, but..... i downloaded ical and now i wanna use it on my ipod. so i went and downloaded the 1.2 firmware. and it won't load. it says that the software can't be installed; the volume does not meet the requirements for this update.....i've restored the ipod with the 1.1 updater and tried again and it still doesn't work...it's really infuriating....i have no idea what to do and need help.....i've looked through the online support system at...
if you pay the $8, does weatherpop automatically update, not like every 30 minutes, but maybe every 1-5 minutes? is there anything else that you get by paying, or is it just a courtesy thing for the programmers?
when is MW Paris?? i was under the impression that it was on the 25...
i don't need sherlock 3 or watson. it came with my computer free and i figured i'd try it out. then i came here and asked if anyone had a similar experience. that's all.
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