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If the motive is assimilation to the western world, then it's not a good thing. If the motive were a genuine interest in updating knowledge I don't see a problem, but in this case of headcovering there is no motive besides the assimilation-pressure.
Still don't get what corner they supposedly have painted themselves into? Do you want to say that because back then there were not detailed rulings regarding marriage, we should therefore also do without these rulings? Rulings can change in time, back then incest-relations were tolerated and encouraged and given the absence of options understandably but that does not mean that we should act the same today, the commandments since Moses are legitimate despite different...
Not only the christians, the jews as well, and the muslims, too. During the early times they tried to be like the people of the book, to differentiate themselves from the polytheists, they prayed in direction of Jerusalem and the women tried to dress more modest like the christian and jewish women were. God then revealed a verse to detail things a bit, ordering the muslim women to use their "khumur" (headcoverings) they were already using to cover their necks and chests as...
Good question, I don't know when exactly they started with the ritual of marriage, but what's your point?The thought of incest makes you feel all dirty, huh?
That's intellectually weak don't you think? If Adam and Eve were the only two humans then there obviously were no need for any declarations or pledges, there would be no other women and men that the two could practice adultery with. Likewise with Cain and his wife, as far as I remember the genesis-account claimed long lifes for Adam and Eve, multiple hundred of years, and dozens and dozens of children born during it . Enough to provide wifes for Cain, sure it's incest...
It is being reported that behind closed doors the US-administration is negotiating with Suleiman, some opposition-groups and the military to create an interim-government and to force Mubarak to stand down now. It would obviously ease the transition but I don't like the involvement of the US again, maybe it would be better if the egyptians achieved their solutions on their own eventhough it would be harder, longer and bloodier.
The military told the demonstrators to go home, that their demands became known and that they should return to normal life. The dilemma for the demonstrators is that going home with Mubarak still in power could prove fatal, since the secret police would pick up ex-demonstrators at their homes and let them disappear in torture-chambers. It would be wiser to amass the demonstrations more and more until he leaves immediately.
I overheard someone from the egyptian army telling the BBC that like with the assassination of Sadat the second row of the army will solve the crisis, and that then the military will take things over and prepare for democratic elections. Looks like a military coup is being considered and Mubarak and co could end either captured or killed.
Whatever your personal freeminded interpretation of the Quran, you have to admit that conservative Islam views the quranic orderIn the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate"O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons...that they should be known and not molested." [sura 33, verse 59] to include a headscarf. In the name of God, the merciful,...
The obligation to wear the headscarf is bound to the age of puberty, 12 years may well be in that range, some girls reach puberty earlier, some later.Indeed, but I didn't expect that level of selfreflection.
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