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According to the supporters of the plaintiffs, commercial enterprises were subject to community standards:I'm curious if it would have been a tolerable alternative if the hotel-owners had offered two single-rooms or a twin-bed-room to the couple instead of the double-room.
Maybe being gay is a security-mechanism by nature to not let certain genetic strands to be reproduced. Since gay people don't get to reproduce, they should be granted to have fun while they live. So I support the court-decision to allow gay couples to sleep in double-rooms, but what I don't support is the wishes of gay couples to get married and not to speak of being allowed to adopt children or to get children through artificial fertilization.
Of course he is a jerk, but an extremely funny one, and that is the foundation of his success as comedian, being a funny jerk who doesn't hesitate to say aloud what people think but don't dare to say. And this is what he was booked for by the producers of the golden globe and he did a perfect job to cause controversy and offense, it was hilarious to no end. He was though censored when he said "For christ's sake", and at the end he managed to show off his atheistic attitude...
There are actually men who are sexually attracted to other men? I can see women being attracted to women, women are beautiful, but men sexually attracted to men? I thought that was a myth.
Comeon, this "controversy" is as fabricated as anything. He already moderated the globe once and he was as biting then as he was this time, the producers deliberately invited him to do it knowing fully well that he would do it again and create a "controversy"... and that's what the producers want. Let's be honest, the golden globe has a problem regarding the oscar-show, that is so many times bigger and more glamourous and wouldn't it be for these "controversies" the...
Revolution always comes with violence, in the case of Tunisia it is the old president's guard that is formenting the violence. As has been reported lately, it seems like the fleeing president Ali has prepared his followers with money and weapons and instructed them to provoke a civil war before he escaped and is even directing the violence right now from the outside, in order to prepare his return as the saviour of the nation. Currently the tunisian army tries to capture...
Not only that, now the president gave up and fled the country.
Now here we have the classic revolution-path: Youth and young adults, educated and qualified but unemployed, stand up against a dictatory system and other parts of society join because of jumped food- and fuel-prices... and also because of the bloody reaction of the police-force and also because of the burning suicide-sacrifice of the unemployed academic that ignited it all, obviously resonating with the feelings of many and underlining the seriousness.Surprisingly the...
Something is seriously wrong with you.
Hmm, I have windows xp on the other partition, can I continue to use it with OSX 10.6.6 or does the new bootcamp render it useless and asks for Windows 7? If so, I won't do the update.
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