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  Ah, sorry, never heard of such a sect. I thought you meant she was a real scientist with a christian faith.   I just read on wikipedia what this sect is about. Apparantely they believe that they can gain similar wonder-healing-capability as Jesus performed through faith and praying. But Jesus was a messenger of God with the holy spirit which enabled his wonderous healings. To expect normal human beings to gain that capability is quite strange. And even stranger is that...
The Boston Tea party act is imho definitely not terrorism, it was imho an act of rebellion.   That the rebels masquaraded as indians is though psychologically interesting. Maybe they saw indians as a symbol for uncompromised freedom or being disobedient and rebellious made them psychologically uneasy and the masquerading helped them overcome these inhibitions.
Huh? What does her christian faith have to do with her death?
Terrorism is a sub-element of a guerillia-tactic, that is being usually used by groups that are weaker and much less ressourced/equipped than the opponent. Israel's army is well-equipped and ressourced and has therefore no need to resort to terrorism or other guerillia-tactics.Terrorism is a tactic to use fear to try to achieve a political goal, for which the group/people doesn't have the military power to achieve in a conventional manner. Israel on the other hand as a...
Actually they do, there are some militant jewish settler movements and groups that engage in terrorism against palestinians. It's less than among the palestinians but that is only natural as the palestinians don't have a regular army to serve their needs of national security. If the israelis were stripped of their army, the jewish militant groups would naturally grow and be more active.Before Israel's foundation there were some major groups that engaged in terrorism...
Was really looking forward to the new MacMinis, but this removal of a discrete dedicated GPU is a real downer. As can be seen in comparisons the new HD4000 offers in games nearly only half the fps the GPU could achieve in the former mac-mini.   That is inexcusable, and it means that the new Macmini is only interesting for people that don't want to game on it.
A few centuries (millenia) back we as humans were organized in patriarchaic clans. We changed from nomadic hunters to farmers and settled down. The discovery of fire allowed for a different sort of living, we started to cook, to forge weapons, to build villages and cities.   The invention of writing allowed us to preserve and teach knowledge beyond the local oral traditions.   Eventually this made it possible to create states and nations where the members having...
I'm pretty shocked to say the least. The problem with this is that admissions usually only come late or when some of the operatives were caught in falgranti. That means there is a lot that happens and is not known yet or will never be known.    Maybe in sixty years or later we will get to know that 9/11 was a false-flag-attack to prepare the US-public and the world for a new international US-agenda. 
I don't get these strange discussion about facts between left and right. Government spending is a monetary thing with numbers for everything. There should be exact facts somewhere detailing exactly how much money was spend by what administration and what percentage of the GDP these are.   Facts that can't be accused of being manipulated by the left or the right. So bring them up and decide this once and for all.
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