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The US has heard the pleas of the Nato whose ammunition-reserves of precision-bombs got low and takes now part in the bombardment of Lybia, not with airplanes but with armed unmanned predator drones.
The reason for these searchings is not to actually get terrorists before they board the plane, it is on the one hand to deter terrorists from trying to go onto planes in the first place and on the other hand it is done to comfort the population that something is being done to improve security. Mostly it's the comfort-pill in order to make people think that travelling by plane is secure, basically to make sure the airline-industry continues to flourish. The...
The UN-resolution to intervene militarily in Lybia is imho very strange. Is the UN allowed to intervene? I mean it's a civil-war within a country and as far as I know as long as conflicts don't extend to other countries the UN has no rights to intervene. The other strange thing is that a lot of civil wars are going on around the world and yet the UN doesn't intervene there, so what is so special about Lybia? Is it again the big oil-ressources that get the UN and Nato...
That's a good argument, but is it legal for foreign forces to enter another country in cases where the central government hasn't control over all of its territory?
The government with which Europe made deals all this time, Gaddafi's regime, until another government takes over. The fact that Gaddafi's regime is in crisis, and will probably be toppled, doesn't give outside forces the right to enter Lybia's territory without permission nor a UN-SC-decision.Of course it's the best for their citizens, but is it legal?
The british and german airforce were landing in Lybia and flying out its citizens without asking for permission. What do you think about that?
Lybia seems to get into a long civil-war, Gaddafi has still enough support within the population and miltary and no qualms to go that route in order to secure his hold on power.
Why would you do that? I pretty much disagree with most of your opinions and yet without you this place would only be half as interesting and enjoyable.
Absolutely.Does it matter? Even if it were from the CIA or Mossad, who cares? Ideas and reasoning can have inherent importance and meaning no matter the source. You can look at the ideas and content and discuss if they are sound or nonesense. The central idea of that book is that dictatorships work only as long as the majority of a population is cooperating and in consent. I think that idea is a very good one. So the book goes on to find ways how to get the population to...
I'm not talking about the protesters, of course they are not from the military, they are the ones building up pressure for change. The other side building up pressure is the US, that pays a fourth of Egypt's military budget. The reason why the military didn't stage the coup previously was because Mubarak was one of them, their leader... so it needed considerable pressure to let him fall. And obviously it took 18 days of street-pressure combined with international...
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