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Does AA have automatic updates turned on? Seems this would be something that the airline checks out before letting the fleet update their devices.
Regarding the $50 rebate for buying a Next upgrade through Apple, even though they have a phone at the Apple store, the web site says that you can't pick the phone up at the store. You have to have it mailed to you and wait 4 to 6 weeks.
"Busses are heavy and cause significant wear and tear on the city infrastructure. The city should be collecting revenue to offset these costs." That's supposed to be what fuel taxes pay for.
I thought I heard they were paying for this with a 25 year or so bond issue. If that's true, then they'll be paying for it for over 20 years after they don't work anymore.
I'm confused what the problem is. Is it since the general population as well as terrorists use iPhones, NSA shouldn't try to hack into it? If so, that seems rather naive of real life. Over the past several years I've seen various news articles of criminals hacking into phones. Is it OK for criminals but not those trying to catch them?
Does Flash memory not use the address space? Seems it is larger than 4GB so wouldn't it be able to take advantage of the 64 bits?
When I try to download it using iTunes 11.0.5 it says it needs 11.0.5. When it launches App to get the iTunes update, it says I have the latest version of iTunes. Sounds like Apple has goofed this up.
This reminds me of the warnings by gas pumps to keep your cell phone in your car when fueling. Presumably a fire was caused by static electricity when someone went in their car to get their phone and this turned into the cell phone caused the explosion. As mentioned above, conduct a test with real engineers not bureaucrats and find out if this interference is even possible.
I had this problem on ATT with the Podcast app. It repeatedly downloads podcasts and will use cell data even if disabled. After I received a data plan warning from ATT. I deleted the app to be assured it wouldn't download anything.
Also, I read a Forbes article that claimed the NY Times report was sloppy reporting taxes based on 2010 profits against 2011 profits. The article claimed that Apple's tax rate was more like corporate normal 24% in 2010.  
New Posts  All Forums: