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Got my MacBook Pro today! Arrived at the mac dealer I ordered it from.. 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo 2GB Ram 120GB HD Matte Screen So far I haven't had a chance to install all my apps on it, but it seems super speedy and REALLY snappy. Booted up really quick.. I'm coming from a G4 system, so I'm not totally used to the speed boosts people have been seeing with the new intel gear. Anyways.. so far so good! Anxious to see MacWorld run it through their suite of SpeedMark tests...
Ordered mine aswell.. I'm in Vancouver Canada. MacBook Pro 2.16GHz 2GB RAM 120GB HD AppleCare upgrading from a PowerBook 1.33GHz. Sold to my parents.
they actually really seem to be gone. again.
Wanna bet? I'm sure we've all said this from time to time, and yet look at all the people in this thread looking to relatively new macs for something newer.
There's something I won't be using my new mac for!
start making wedding videos! thats how I've paid for my macs in the past.. DV camera was the best thing I ever purchased! full time job helps too, but money from that always lands on loans, bills, etc.. I figure if you're making money on your mac, on the side, that money should be reinvested in new gear.
Apple's largest drive option is 120GB for the MacBook's.. so I'm guessing it's that. Anyone here planning on buying a MacPro?
so.. you're upgrading to a MacPro?
You know approx how much? It's open to anyone right? no just press and all those "types"..
That's great! Thanks I figured there would be more out there, but I guess the Core Duo is only really a laptop chip, and probably wouldn't be compared in the PC world to any of the desktop Core 2 Duo's.
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