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Apple should just fix this "for the sake of the consumer" and then evolve into a Google maps "killer app" over the next iPhone iteration. IMO The potential of the Apple Maps is far greater than what Google offers anyway. "Don't ever go back to an "old girlfriend". You know within minutes why you ever broke up in the first place"
You are forgetting the first official Apple Store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands opening on March 3, 2012
Why do you want US workers to do these jobs? Most Apple products are hits outside worldwide and generate a lot of money which is also outside the US. Better to get this money inside the US and taxed, so that the US economy can create more jobs for US workers. BTW Stop your war games in other countries and there is even more money to create good jobs for US workers. I mean, financially the US is in an even worst situation than many other third world countries.
What are they going to do about it when Apple says Non? Are they going on strike like the peasants do all the time over there if the price of their apples is to low.
Steve is only gone for a month and "the ship is already leaking from the top"
It's back again. Thanks!
This is something i would like to see again. Now it's only visible on the forum page
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