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Since gay people are born gay and cannot change their orientation, clearly your understanding of what human nature consists of is severely limited.
And the cowardly Christian bigot continues to refuse to engage my own personal story. Typical. People like DMZ make me ashamed to attend a Christian church. How many gay teens did you drive to suicide this week, DMZ? Jesus don't love ya unless you give him lots of faggots to fuel the fires of hell.
Yet gay teens are the leading risk group for suicide in this country. Perhaps your understanding of the world is as twisted as your filthy views on religion.
You are so blindly ignorant about what it's like to be a gay teenager, your blasé attitude makes me want to wretch. You're a truly evil person.I grew up in a vaguely religious household, but even then the thought of being gay was so laden with condemnation and "wrongness" that when I was twelve years old, and I realized I was gay, I immediately tried to bury that part of myself. I spent my entire teenage years forcing down and denying a core facet of my humanity. And the...
You want to know why gay people kill themselves? As a gay man let me tell you: we try to kill ourselves, mainly as teenagers, because of filthy trash like you constantly calling us "abberant," "sinful" and evil. Bigots like you are stained red with the blood of innocent gay teens.
Erasing my music is fine. He's taking it on a trip, and he'll want to sync his own music onto it. So it needs to become an actual Windows iPod. • So if he takes my iPod, does the factory fresh update from the Windows version of iPod 2.2 updater, that should let him sync from Windows iTunes, correct? • And then when he gets back, I can run the Mac iPod 2.2 updater, restore little Bismark to a "clean" state and resync on my music from my Mac. That's what I'm...
It's one of the models with the four touch buttons across the top beneath the screen. How would he go about switching it so that it'll work on his Windows machine? Does he just need to download the iPod 2.2 updater for Windows and run that on it?
The publication I work for uses PSD files for our advertising placements, and we send high rez PDFs to the printer at the end of the production cycle. This has saved us loads of time and confusion in the production department, and that alone has made us solid Indy supporters. Death to Quark.
There's a problem being overlooked here: Cocoa. All the other iApps, aside from iTunes, are written in Cocoa, which cannot be simply ported over to Windows, the way Carbon code can. Cocoa is written in an entirely different language, Objective-C. So that's a major added cost -- not only porting the programs to the Windows toolkit, but rewriting all that Objective-C as C++ or C#. So I say none of the above. My big hope is that the next QuickTime for Windows looks...
Someone who has served two complete terms for president is not legally eligible to be president again. That's not symbolic or the "spirit" of the law -- it's just flat out the law.
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