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Well, you could say the same thing about books, and nothing much has changed there since the Gutenburg press... There is a *lot* of crap, but there are definitely gems among the junk. You just have to look for it. Music is the food of the soul palegolas. Don't give up on it! Jimzip
Wow that looks cool. I know the images are highly idealized, but they're also very tasteful. The building is clean, not overbearing, and beautiful. How very Apple... Jimzip
PeterO: Yeah I tend to agree, it does try to target an 'indie' audience with the music and the shoes and the general grungy/trendster feel. The problem is that Apple already does this. It took too many leads from Apple with the music, fashion, general feel plus the whitespace floaty shot at the end. Even their signoff at the end was Apple. I know they're trying to compete, but pulling a MS isn't the way to do it. I *love* the translation technology they showed for about...
Ah the age-old 'should I buy now or are updates right around the corner?' question. I'm in exactly the same boat, the new nanos look pretty darned awesome and I'm considering getting one (today actually). But here's my view on the whole tech-upgrade thing. If you want something, but you're scared it's gonna be upgraded soon, go buy it anyway. There are two reasons I see for doing this: 1) It is going to be upgraded, there's no argument there, whether it's tomorrow...
"Next stop: hands down, the best shopping experience we've ever made." "We're really proud of this next stop." /PA system Jimzip
dp, sorry.
Dear sir, you have been summoned back to Redmond. Thank you for visiting. Jimzip
Yo, Prince. Could you change the word 'coffin' to something else? It's really disconcerting for some reason... O_o Jimzip
Yeah I was wondering that myself ... I can find nothing anywhere about resolution either. Jimzip
Wow ... if anyone could make FM radio look nice, it's our peeps at Apple. Adding pause and tagging is just icing on the cake. (Oh, and 'New colors for shuffle, along with headphone adapter that works with any headphones.'. To all those naysayers, finally, I am vindicated. X) Sorry but I had to say it while I'm right for once...) Jimzip
New Posts  All Forums: