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Wow ... if anyone could make FM radio look nice, it's our peeps at Apple. Adding pause and tagging is just icing on the cake. (Oh, and 'New colors for shuffle, along with headphone adapter that works with any headphones.'. To all those naysayers, finally, I am vindicated. X) Sorry but I had to say it while I'm right for once...) Jimzip
Pshaw! Rap music? Wow, there's an oxymoron for you... Les Baxter all the way, baby.Jimzip
IN any case, it is kinda cool. An interesting twist on the usual onion-skin barriers that aim to separate and deter the 'plebs' from contacting the high-levels. It's nice to know that when you need it, someone is there. I remember a couple of years ago when some people wrote to Steve over computer problems and got personal responses from him. That impressed me. Wonder if Schiller reads AI? Jimzip
lol. Well, that seems conclusive. Jimzip
Heheheh. I thought it was a fake when I saw the installer icon. Now I'm thinking it's actually the real deal. It's growing on me though, I do have a soft spot for the big cats. Jimzip
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please don't feed the trolls. There's an ignore button for a reason. Jimzip
I agree. I hear the figure is now roughly 5,000 snow leopards left in the world. That's pretty darned sad. Jimzip
Jeez I hope that's not the final disc art haha. My younger brother could have designed that ... ... he's 9. JW
Touché sir ... I apologise.Jimzip
Don't be a dork. He's warning people of what can happen if you're irresponsible. You're twisting his words.Jimzip
New Posts  All Forums: