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I get a annoyed with apps and services in perpetual beta ... a month or two is long enough to test your software and make changes; 5 years is ridiculous. If the general public are using it, it's not a beta, it's a product. For a while there, beta meant new and fresh, now it seems to me to be nothing more than a cheap disclaimer. "Something go wrong? That's fine, we're still in beta." \ Many may disagree, but that's my 2c. Jimzip
Oh I agree. I'm realise it's not every iPhone 3GS and just a minority are affected, but stories like that popping up 2 days after launch doesn't sound good, that's all. I absolutely understand the reason Apple pulls stories and handles the situations so well (I hear of people walking into the store and getting on-the-spot replacements with no trouble all the time). Jimzip
Maybe I'm of a minority here, but I love having opening a product and turning it on for the first time. I don't see how having racks and racks of packaged iPods all showing an advert or running through the functionality is better than simply having a floor model that's there for people to use and try out themselves. Interesting idea, but unless Apple has some far-out, life-altering gameplan to go with it (and they have once or twice), I don't see it as anything...
lol. I'd have said 'hypercolor'... Jimzip
Apple's testing seems to be somewhat lacking of late with the iPhone, like they aren't putting the units through enough testing prior to launch. Given, the article mentions it's probably the battery, but the problem still should have presented itself had it been tested rigorously enough ... I feel bad that these problems are popping up too, as it just gets a whole heap of negative press for Apple. The cracking in the first gen models wasn't too bad, but this is much more...
Aye. Jimzip
Ignore this too. X) Jimzip
I LOL'd. Jimzip
I think I'm on a lot of people's 'ignore' list because I once said something negative about the iPod shuffle , but anyway... I don't know why some people are being such prudes, and I agree with you. It feels strange that people are sitting here debating Steve's life expectancy. I know we're (mostly) apple fanatics but that's a bit too far, just let it go. Kinda feels a family discussing a nursing home for nan while she's sitting right there. I'm just happy that he's...
May we simmer down now and get back on track before someone catches on fire? Welcome back SJ! Jimzip P.S It took 6 years, but 400 posts!
New Posts  All Forums: