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Hahah. Yeah no kidding. In fact all I'd ask for is a bigger HD!! 160GB is nowhere near enough space to host music, photo & video libraries! Jimzip
Haha. Well at least you didn't scream like that other dude... Seriously though, I think the hubbub here is that Apple removed a port that they deemed unnecessary (right after they'd just taken away firewire to much vexation), and replaced it with a card-slot that, while useful, is rather awkward looking. It's not a biggie by any means, but it is weird considering Apple's attitude towards aesthetics is one of the most unforgiving in the industry. Jimzip
Haven't tried one out yet, but from those pics it does seem really odd that they'd have the card hanging out like that. Perhaps Apple knows something we don't? Is SD going to get a size-alteration in the next gen? More likely, is a card with the same connectors but different form factor going to come out that may work with this slot? I find it hard to believe they'd make this glaring a mistake... Jimzip
Haha. Seems that was the theme of today's keynote.I too was just getting into the tab-on-top jazz. Weird that they'd backtrack and not even offer it as an option now.Also ecking Safari retains your old prefs, so the zoom buttons are hidden in 'Customize Toolbar' when you right-click near the back/forward buttons (if you didn't already have them out there before the update).Jimzip
Um, I don't claim to be an architectural critic, but:http://images.google.com/images?rls=...N&hl=en&tab=wihttp://images.google.com/images?rls=...N&hl=en&tab=wi I know which one looks cooler to me... Jimzip
"iTunes shoppers waking up in Canada this morning were greeted with a slew of new TV shows on the download service" Sweet! Finally! Thank you Apple + Networks! They're expensive ($60 - $70CAD per season in HD) but this is great!! Jimzip
I agree but often have trouble seeing every side of things. On the one hand it would be great for Apple's sales, and for other hardware manufacturers to cash in on iTunes. But then Apple would be 'responsible' for the experience on those devices too ... the majority of people aren't too smart and might think it's iTunes' fault when something goes wrong, therefore tarnishing Apple's image. Apple would have to provide some kind of 'screening' process to all hardware (much...
Yeah, I thought that's what it must have been, pity they couldn't have stuck to the original 1/4 plastic design though. It did look (& feel) nice.Hehehe. Well I do make a mean fake: http://www.jimzip.com/gallery/ (At the bottom. ) But please, I prefer the term 'designer'. 'God' is just much too lofty! Jimzip
I love how with the 1st gen iPhone, apple used this beautiful matte-aluminium for the back face, but once it needed to be mass-produced, plastic took over ... I don't care if it's shiny black, white, or is covered in gold leaf, plastic feels cheap to me, and I love my 1st gen iPhone. Wish they'd go back to that. My guess was that the switch also had something to do with blocking the wifi/telephone signal though, not just price cuts. Oh and there's no way the camera on...
Heheh. So begins the tumbling of dominoes that will undo those pricks. Edit: I might add, that if it's discovered that there is actually a conspiracy behind this, the whole thing is really quite intriguing. Quite the effort to destroy the reputation and try and undo the model of another company! Jimzip
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