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Sounds great! This must also mean a significant capacity update too no? I mean, movies are around 1.25 - 2.0GB each on the iTS. Unless they're going to provide specially encoded versions for the iPhone - which I don't see them doing, then that space could get eaten up really quickly. Couple movie downloads with AV-Out and you've got yourself one pretty awesome mobile entertainment device though... Jimzip
Heheh, I'd love to but I'm at work! Actually while we're on that, a gallery section of AI would be pretty sweet ... somewhere to put all these mocks. Mmm? Jimzip
I've been on this forum a lot longer than you, and I think you're being a jerk. teckstud doesn't (usually ) mindlessly complain, and yes sometimes he borders on troll-ism, but mostly he just likes playing devils advocate. In fact it's what makes discourse around here interesting. I'm not championing being negative by any means (I'd like a little more positivity around here in fact) and every now and then I ignore a couple of posts, but don't just jump on the hater...
Exactly. Is there something I'm missing here or are these guys just another money-grabbing bunch of jerks? The description resembles Shazam's functionality somewhat, but even if that's so, there's no reason to go a huntin for all other companies that are even remotely tied to the Shazam service.... Someone more legal minded than me (ie, everyone...) care to take a dig at this one? Jimzip
I'm gonna sue Tune Hunter for emotional distress. Jimzip
A boy can dream Kasper... a boy can dream! Jimzip
This is actually really cool. Can't wait to see what they'll do with the space. Jimzip
"... with almost $29 billion in cash and marketable securities on our balance sheet." I love how they word that ... sounds so formidable! I can't help envisioning a boardroom in some exotic volcano-lair, as Oppenheimer greets investors via video-chat: "Good evening gentlemen"... Jimzip
Maybe I'm the only one thinking this ... but that thing is kinda ugly.I do like orange and black together though, nice combo.Jimzip
Haha! Cute. It's addictive, no doubt about it. Jimzip
New Posts  All Forums: