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Student studying 3D animation at college. I finished senior school and 3 arts subjects with good grades though! Jimzip
So you can't bookmark it? I've got all my most visited sites in the bookmark bar. I guess 'www.ebay.com' doesn't really take that long to type... Well, it's a fix ain't it? Alternatively, why not just go to that site, save the page as an HTML archive, and just open that page from your HD every time you need to go there.. I know it's kinda a dirty solution. But that's all I can think of. Jimzip
As far as supplements go. I really only have protein bars.. The real bulk I guess you can get with the powder, but I just like to keep fit. Creatine seems to be a very popular choice, I know a lot of bodybuilders use it.. There's also the 'Aussie Bodies' powder, very good clean pure protein powder, I did use that for a while, just have it on your muesli or another meal. Not much help though I guess. Maybe contact a personal trainer for some advice, that's often a good...
I loveth my Macintosh. 'Twas indeed love at first sight.. When my eyes met the warm blue glow of the monitor, I knew the relationship would be one that would echo without dying through the ages... yada yada yada bada-bing bada-boom I'm done. (Brian Shakespeare!! LOL!!) Jimzip
Yeah. Don't use Explorer. Safari is so much more practical also, tabbed browsing is soo cool! Sorry, not much help I guess. I don't have dialup anymore. Jimzip
Oh that is sooo cool. Thank you Brad. This community ROX! (Hmm, usually I'd put 'Rocks!' but 'Rulez' seems to be more popular over 'Rules', so what the hey..) I think I shall be most at home here. Thanks very muchness. Jimzip
On another note, where can you get the default Apple font? Or if we already have it, what's it called? (The font I'm talking about can be seen in the 'About This Mac'. "Mac OS X'..) Jimzip
Oh.. Right, well you know what I mean, 6000 years of recorded history then. (I guess there are cave paintings and such..But you get the gist anyway.) Jimzip
Wow. Some of this stuff is poetry. Personally, as this is all threads are really, I think the president of that country did a terrible thing. It's a stupid issue when you think about it. I believe marriage should be for anyone. I believe it means that two people love each other, and wish to spend the rest of their lives together. That's it. There is no underlying meanings. I don't believe there are intense biblical myths surrounding the thought and practise of...
Been a mac user since I was about 4, when we had an Apple IIe.. Ah yes, those were the days. (I'm only 19 now though, so really, these are the days ..) Anyway, since this is a Mac forum, you are going to get biased replies. Although, everyone I've talked to who has Macs generally swears by them. I have to say, you should really do what Filmaker suggested, go on down to a nearby Apple store and test one out. I'm positive you won't regret getting one, nobody I know that has...
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