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That doesn't make any sense... An 'upgrader' is still purchasing the new piece of hardware, and thus is a buyer. No? If there was an option of upgrading the storage in the players, then they could be called 'upgraders' ... but everyone that wants the 'new thing' will buy a new unit ... please correct me if I'm wrong here. Jimzip
That's what I was thinking actually. Is there any point or validity to making a statement about 'saturation'? I mean, next year there'll be more teenagers, and the year after, so there's no shortage of new buyers ... it's not like everyone already has one and will never buy another. There are still people growing up who have yet to experience the magic that is consumerism. \ Jimzip
If there was an applause emoticon, I'd have used it. For now, where's my Guy Fawkes mask? Jimzip
Hahaha, indeed.I've got different (weird?) taste in music, so personally this isn't a bad change for me. Hey, maybe this will get people exploring music a little more, there's so many other amazing sounds out there, it's sad that so many live in Britneyland...Yep, this is the reaction the move seems to be generating from the majority. For a while I thought there might be a change coming, but the labels are pure evil, really. Comes down to greed and arrogance in the end,...
It's a mouse-rug. They're super cool, and (for some reason) comfy... Jimzip
Why is a camera on a handheld device so hard to imagine? The iPod Touch is so similar to the iPhone I can't believe it doesn't have a camera already, and I wouldn't be surprised if on the next iPod revision (to the hardware) we'll see cameras too.(P.S, why did you emphasize 'ON' like that? O_o )Jimzip
Yeah I was thinking it was weird timing too. Hey, as long as the camera is better than the sham that is 3.2 megapixels, that is sooo 2000. Jimzip
I like the cut of your jib. He was just getting back to his Swedish roots. Jimzip
Whatev. Done! Jimzip
I know! It looked so nice with the Apple earphones meeting the metal, those headphones were the perfect size. Jimzip
New Posts  All Forums: