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That ain't a big plus to me ... but whatever, at least replacements are only $30. :/ (I thought they were $79, but that's just the in-ear ones. http://store.apple.com/us/product/MA850?mco=MTIyNzA)That said, you shouldn't need an adapter to use this product with something else. You have to agree with me there.I was endlessly annoyed when I bought my 1st gen iPhone and couldn't use anything with it because the earphone jack was sunk into the device. I had to buy an adapter...
Ok. How does it look like a big plus?(And of course it was intended, otherwise it wouldn't have been released.)I see the merits of the gimmick; I love the thought and the idea behind the voice navigation, I just think it was implemented the wrong way. Explain to me the solution to the problem I posed, whereby the device is useless without the Apple headphones it comes with, and I'll agree that this device is genius, and a step forward.Jimzip
That's totally fair, but I never said it sucks, I just said a huge design fault was the controls being on the headphones.I don't know why you quoted me there... I didn't buy one, nor will I. I've tried one, and realised the flaws. That's generally what people should do before purchasing something, no? Jimzip
Ok, fantastic, you love it. Now tell me how I play music off my stereo with it, and I'll apologise. Jimzip
Crap! Thank you, I totally forgot! (I'm being 100% serious here, meant to confirm my appointment this arvo!) God bless AI. Jimzip
Tell me about it. I used to be one of them! Jimzip
Doesn't mean they were wrong at all, it just means a lot of people bought the product. Hell, they might have done so because the ads look cool.You're all missing a huge issue here. The reason he mentioned the girl is screwed when the headphones break. Think about it, it's the reason I think this new revision is seriously flawed, and in fact the last generation of iPod Shuffle was perfect.If the controls for the device are on the headphones, what happens if the headphones...
Inte troligt. :/Usually Apple gives a 10-15 day grace period as far as I know. So if you just bought a new computer and then a new version of OS X comes out within the next two weeks you can upgrade for a nominal fee. For returns, you get a little longer I think, but if the package is opened you have to pay a restocking fee.Jimzip
He didn't say he wasn't!Jimzip
Hey, as long as you can switch it back to the OS 9 sound set in the Appearance pane, I'm good. Jimzip
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