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Yeah bad call, Apple. This just sounds silly. Pick your battles no? :/ Jimzip
Today, for me, was Christmas. Jimzip
I'm sorry, but this is just too good: Jimzip
I think it's got the same feel, but it doesn't come close to Apple's ads. a) They're saying their product kills Apple's (which is bollocks), b) it's a touch-phone, and they're saying nothing touches it... that neither works as a literal reference or a metaphor, as both ways it appears negative to the blackberry, and c) they weren't using Lightwave to render the animation... ;pIt would have got them attention though, and started debates in threads like- ... oh.Yes ... yes...
I would have added an HDMI port by now just to treat the loyalists , but unfortunately I'd need to model it, and my ever-faithful and trusty companion seems to have finally karked it. (By 'companion' I mean my macbook pro by the way... ) A moment of silence, if you please. Jimzip edit: I've fixed the problem. She lives once more!
Sounds good to me!Now, when's that updated Mac mini coming out? Jimzip
No. Jimzip
I dunno dude... I've learned never to underestimate the unparalleled fanaticism, disregard for logic and reason that comes with 'fan'-territory. The masses will jump on anything that has their favourite band's logo on it...http://images.google.com/images?q=jo...=Search+Images... um, yah. Jimzip
Oh yeah ... weird. I swear I saw a pic with a green one!Unibody FTW!They're nice, but they're huge! (Looking at the size of the CD for reference...)Jimzip
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