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Good day to you too Marvin! (No coffee this morning I assume... ;p )Haha, yes, spot on with almost of that though. I thought the holes would be the first thing people pointed out. I didn't have time, but my original idea was to have the air-intake similar in form to the iPod/iPhone docks, the thin sliver of space that allows sound to come out of the docked devices could also function as air intake/exhaust. Perhaps an innovative 'thermal zone' design akin to the original...
I'm sorry... I couldn't resist! Jimzip
I was going to mention that myself. But if we're guessing by sequence, I think AppleTV would be the next candidate for a big update . Ignoring of course that Apple's updates don't tend to happen in such a predictable way.... By order then, my (probably way off) guesses would be: AppleTV, MacMini, iMac, and MacPro... The MacPro is still a very powerful machine after all, so in order to update it I'm guessing there's going to be a good gap in there. :/ Prove me wrong, kids....
I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...
Well... I'm a fanboy for a reason. That reason is that since 1984, I've been buying products from Apple, and I've never had a problem. Jimzip
While I just love LG's attempt here, I'm always cautious of buying products with that new-fangled 'bluethooth' technology. It's just so unpredictable! ... I couldn't resist. Jimzip
Best post I've seen in a while. Thought I should quote you just so it appears again on this page.I might also add, that despite all this recent hoopla over adding outdated technology to AppleTV, TV-land is in trouble. They (the networks) are not even able to calculate how many people are watching their own content because they've sat idle and slipped so far behind the curve. People themselves have actually created new means to find and enjoy this content (bittorrent, DVR...
No no. A 'thank you' for admitting they were wrong. Sometimes it's what's not said that counts. Jimzip
Awesome. Thank you Apple! Thank you also [gasp!] labels? Jimzip
"Nano owner Jason Tomczak said even the act of rubbing a paper towel on the face of the nano left "significant scratches."" I see... Jimzip
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