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It's not "dispelling" anything. Lots of Isaacson's book is okay. But these writers had something he didn't: a firsthand knowledge of Jobs at NeXT on, a real understanding of the industry as a whole, and of course, cooperation and interviews from the people who actually knew him best. It's not Isaacson v. Schlender, it's "in addition to." My reaction so far is that the failure of Jobs in 1986 was his narcissism and jerkishness. He was mostly a different man by 1997. He had...
Taking a knife to a baby in "a Satanic ritual" is murder, and that's the law, and it's also proof that "religious rituals" do have some limitations. Is operating your business part of your religion? Weird. If you want to work in a church, even as janitor, the priest or minister has every right to take your religion into account. The head of a business does not.   Remember the first amendment. Religions have every right to forbid this or that conduct for its members. They...
A gay person coming to your store for a coca-cola is a matter for self-defense? Calm down, sestewart.
It's 50-50, hardly a "worst case". A worst case that happens 50% of the time.
So far, on the appleseed of 10.10.03, the photos in the cloud are fantastic.
Important though, in that they stay in the Republican party for garnish. 
Oh, uh, yes, it was. The Senators who held it up were all from where geographic region?    And what happened to the Sold Democrats South after the civil rights act was signed?    And there's still the Solid South, but which party do they belong to?    I myself am an unreconstructed Whig. 
How about Apple helping to build public wi-fi? Lobbying for fiber optics to the house? Gigabit internet? Something that benefits users, and the public in general. Carl Icahn is old and he has more money than any human needs. The hell with him.
Made to favor banks and finance. 
Good idea. Apple can spare it. It now has $178 billion in reserves.
New Posts  All Forums: