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Hey, there, Cydia fans: want to eavesdrop on a girlfriend? Just get Stealth Genie! Want to learn all his passwords? Stealth Genie! I like the stylish video, with the music, the animation, and the semi-pro narration.
One of the inexplicable things to me is the anti-unionism among technologists. You know, someday the billionaires won't like you, and then you'll be screwed and have nowhere to go.
Depending on the speed of your Internet to get get some 4K on Netflix. And Vizio has a 50" 4K for $999. Opinions differ about its quality, but go into any Costco and there's 4K Samsungs. Okay, even if they don't have content, they can scale up your Blu-ray and it looks pretty good.
I think he wants them to sell weed. Maybe someday...
I've never heard Siri sound that robot-like.    And what she does I find very useful, and I've gotten to figure out how to get the right answers. It's great to dictate posts and e-mails. Oh, Cortana will tell you when there's a traffic slowdown? Well, I don't care. Maps shows you traffic warnings, and Siri isn't involved there.    Today, I asked her where the closest x store was on my way to work. She reminded me of one a few blocks away. I hit the map she showed me and...
NO, eightzero, you need an Intel processor, and something that can run Intel code, and it has to look the same as the desktop. So it won't be, uh, confusing, because the iPad is SO confusing. It's different!
 Well, there's going for $250, and that means a lot for a lot of people. It's a nice tablet, just a bit dated. It will run almost everything today "well enough." If you want Pixelmator, or to use it to play some graphics-intensive game, of course today's iPad Air 2 is better. But it costs significantly more, too. 
I stay away from the Americana Mall. Hideous location, the worst of the Mall Rat Architecture, bringing expensive goods to YOU the American people in a ludicrous imitation of Old-Time America, when we were pretty cool, not the Mall Rat Nation. There's a big one in the West End, there's the Pasadena Store, Manhattan Beach... and the Orange County has two. That's a very rundown area. I know there are redevelopment plans, but that is a huge ramshackle old place. It's...
I am on the beta list, and I got the 10.10.1 update. I've never had a moment's trouble with my setup, so I still don't have it.    I've had to hunt out for the things -- I suspect old software -- that make my iMac (early 2008) seize up after a day running. It takes killing apps and general surgery until I can even restart. Then it works fine for about 17 hours.    One thing was, I didn't have the InstantOn plug-in installed in Audio Hijack. After I updated the software...
I think this is inevitable, once you've put your effective interest rates at zero. It's Europe's problem, and ours, that we're relying on budget cutting and austerity. That's appropriate for inflation, not something right on the brink of deflation. Want another round of that? Hi, 2008! Welcome back!
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