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Always, the accusation of "comprehensive spying," which is impossible, and we must not be in perpetual surveillance, first amendment and such-- but then the "whistleblower" reports vital spying on other people as well. We should give up spying, it seems to people like Snowden. I think he's likely a well-intentioned useful fool. 
Well, support for the Russian takeover of  Ukraine fell from 73% to 24%, or thereabouts.    None of these dire things need happen. All he has to do is back off Ukraine, which is an independent country and has the right to govern itself as it sees fit.    Once the sanctions are relaxed, the Russian economy rebounds and the currency goes back to normal. 
It is torture. We defined it that way in an International Treaty, which was passed by the US Senate and signed by President Reagan. Yes. Reagan.    Guess he wasn't conservative enough for you. 
Congratulations on the waterboarding and sleep deprivation of prisoners!    You agree with Comrade Stalin!    What's that crazy civil liberties stuff all about, anyway?   After all, very few people got into East Germany! Many of them were killed while attempting to cross!
All because the head of REAL thought he could make a deal with Apple over sharing DRM. Apple wanted to get out of DRM in music altogether. There was no deal to offer. But real went ahead anyway. Anything to get into those iPods of the mid-oughties.
The first "scandal" was that kids could find a way to disable the stupid limits put on the iPad, so that they could go home and do some web surfing-- to PLACES NOT APPROVED in their lesson plans! Oh, my God! I'd have given them a good score for ingenuity and learning how to manipulate the LAUSDs locks.    But I'm sure the kids will be enthralled by their chromebooks, and will be totally baffled about how to disable all security limitations, and be playing pirated games...
Hey, there, Cydia fans: want to eavesdrop on a girlfriend? Just get Stealth Genie! Want to learn all his passwords? Stealth Genie! I like the stylish video, with the music, the animation, and the semi-pro narration.
One of the inexplicable things to me is the anti-unionism among technologists. You know, someday the billionaires won't like you, and then you'll be screwed and have nowhere to go.
Depending on the speed of your Internet to get get some 4K on Netflix. And Vizio has a 50" 4K for $999. Opinions differ about its quality, but go into any Costco and there's 4K Samsungs. Okay, even if they don't have content, they can scale up your Blu-ray and it looks pretty good.
I think he wants them to sell weed. Maybe someday...
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