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I wonder what, "It's been a long time..." meant? Anybody? I agree, the 16 GB low-end is crappy. But I just got a 64 GB iPhone 6 for the same price as my usual 32 GB, so... I can put a lot of music on it, and not have to stream it over LTE.
It's not keeping it from the public that has Apple concerned. It's what they will reveal to competitors. I'm disappointed that my new iPhone doesn't have what I thought would be a very strong screen. But what's the problem? Surely, manufacturers all over want to know. I couldn't care less why. I just want a tougher screen.
This is exactly why Jobs was right not to order up a big bunch of market tests and so on. People can't ask for something in the future for something they don't know exists yet. 
Once again, another terrible problem that doesn't affect me. All connectivity is better on my iPhone 5. Can't say a thing about Touch ID because I don't have it. 
Yeah, when those iPhones come shipping via Fedex, it leaves the factory one day, gets to Hong Kong, and 8 or 10 hours later it's in Alaska. Then it goes to somewhere in the middle of the country, then it heads out west to me. Usually ends up at my door 3 days after shipping.
Two ways to own Apple stock. Small, individual holdings, let 'em ride.    Big money likes to buy it up and sell it down. Crude, stupid, just their style. Hell, more more, faster, who cares what it does to the little people!
Well, I had to replace the battery within a year and a half on my iPhone 5, and I bought the thing in October after the launch. But the serial number wasn't in the precise range they accept, so no refund. 
 "Some for me, please!"
Looks like he wrote something, left in a sarcastic ending, and went off for the weekend. Is he going to be surprised when he gets back.
If you use deductive reasoning, and follow what Apple's done for years, September 9-10 has been the obvious date since January at least, when iMore predicted this date. Samsung can read the tea leaves too. In fact I'm sure they know what the A8 looks like, because they're making it. They're already making the snarky ads showing what the Note can do that the measly iPhone can't.    They're still on a downward slope profit-wise. They did make money by spending billions on...
New Posts  All Forums: