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Well, you know, if they had released the Google phone before Apple's, it would have just been another crummy Blackberry. That's what they copied first. Then the stopped and thought about what to do next. Why not something that looks like an iPhone?
The judge was not happy, and one of the lawyers may suffer for it.    If you look at the "evidence" proffered, it's a really stupid thing. The phone they complain about was announced after the iPhone. If you look at the F700, it doesn't look like anything but a late dumbphone. Apple could have copied it FOREVER, and still not come up with the iPhone.    This is not a patent case. This is a trademark and trade dress case.   To me, it's absolutely clear that...
Post-market research could yield concrete information: do people like this button here? Would they like another button? And so on and on.
  Um, tell me, did Google patent it? Copyright it? Bet you they didn't.
Google has done it forever. They scanned all those books without lifting a hand to see what the copyright situation was. They found it bo-ring. To be on a Google database should be an honor!   Google Music is only a place to store your own. The Google TV never spent a second worrying about rights. They just wanted to play the movies wherever they were, no credit. No opportunity to buy or rent.    They are defective and psychopathic about intellectual property,...
Oh, I think it's going to be a very bad launch. The Pro pad won't sell. The Windows RT pad will, but people will be mystified. And nobody will get the desktop OS. Windows 7: good. Windows 8: not good. Windows 9, apparently, will be all right.   Seriously, there's a lot of good work here, but there are too many options here. This AND that. A tablet-y desktop? Probably won't score with Windows people. The ability to run Windows apps on a tablet, they will find, is not...
Yeah, sure. Microsoft is Just Like Apple, with Ballmer in the part of Steve Jobs. I'm gonna barf.
While no-one should think Gates is stupid, the capital he accumulated in the '80s and '90s doesn't confer genius on every utterance. Of course he echoes the Ballmer line, which is, Windows on every desktop." Not "and iWindows on every mobile device." That's why every Windows tablet sold a few to a vertical market and like two to computer nerds. Now they partially get the idea, but the old unitary monopolism still has a pull. I think it will shatter the old Windows market....
Apple's got the iPad, so they don't need to compete against RT. They've already got it beat by a mile. Put OS X on a tablet? Why? That's the OS on the docking computer, on the home computer. No need to put up with batteries lasting an hour, applications that aren't redesigned for fingers -- you know, the good stuff.
IPredict that they will be not bad, but that is not anywhere near enough to gain momentum, no matter how much the Windows tech press moans and groans and cheers.    Remember Nokia? They're headed for bankruptcy, even after that GREAT deal they made with Microsoft.
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