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Well, I had to replace the battery within a year and a half on my iPhone 5, and I bought the thing in October after the launch. But the serial number wasn't in the precise range they accept, so no refund. 
 "Some for me, please!"
Looks like he wrote something, left in a sarcastic ending, and went off for the weekend. Is he going to be surprised when he gets back.
If you use deductive reasoning, and follow what Apple's done for years, September 9-10 has been the obvious date since January at least, when iMore predicted this date. Samsung can read the tea leaves too. In fact I'm sure they know what the A8 looks like, because they're making it. They're already making the snarky ads showing what the Note can do that the measly iPhone can't.    They're still on a downward slope profit-wise. They did make money by spending billions on...
$1B in revenue on those puppies. So, there's something there.    Think Jony Ive will put out his own? I do.
Looks pretty clear to me that Eddy was overworked. When Apple started the online store, it was Cue. They added iTunes, it was Cue. They got into network problems with mac.com, call in Cue. The guy was overworked. The music business is only the beginning. Apple will start a Network. that delivers -- effectively -- millions of channels, free, advertising-based, or pay subscriptions -- and you search for and choose a bunch of things you want to see. Pass it on. :...
It's nots as central a bet as NeXT. If OS X hadn't worked out, with the engineers who came along in the deal, then it was D.O.A. If the Jonny Ive-designed next round of Beats is a bust, oh, too bad.    I think the unspoken during most of this is not the headliners, but the other staff that may have come with it. 
Well, you know, if they had released the Google phone before Apple's, it would have just been another crummy Blackberry. That's what they copied first. Then the stopped and thought about what to do next. Why not something that looks like an iPhone?
The judge was not happy, and one of the lawyers may suffer for it.    If you look at the "evidence" proffered, it's a really stupid thing. The phone they complain about was announced after the iPhone. If you look at the F700, it doesn't look like anything but a late dumbphone. Apple could have copied it FOREVER, and still not come up with the iPhone.    This is not a patent case. This is a trademark and trade dress case.   To me, it's absolutely clear that...
Post-market research could yield concrete information: do people like this button here? Would they like another button? And so on and on.
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