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Hi I have a DIR-826L router. I have always used the 5 GHz band instead of the 2.4 GHz but I recently bought a wireless printer and it requires the 2.4 band. So I turned on both but when I do that and power-down each night( I know that I don't have to but I do) and restart again in the morning my mac won't connect...I have to go into the router settings via ethernet and manually connect...via WAN..network status.. It only does this when both bands are on..... I would prefer...
I finally got around to installing the drive. I got the M500....I was going to go with the new  M100 but amazon had a 1 month wait..so.  It is definitely faster to boot...quite fast actually...very easy to instal..update firmware etc...no issues. scott
It had something to do with how it managed it files ..Imap or POP ..I can't rememeber now exactly. That was one reason I stayed at 10.6.8 since I use gmail and prefer POP over IMAP.. I tried updating to Mavericks once and the DL failed from apples server each time half way through...maybe over loaded at the time....not sure but gave up. 10.6.8 has always worked for me..if it ain't broken...eventually I will have too...maybe Yosemite Thanks for the heads up on leaving the...
Thanks Marvin...   I always shut it down every night...that will be a change...should you do a reboot every now and then though?. The laptop is only for surfing etc so if it is 5X faster than before it will be AOK. I got OSX to instal (old drive yet to be removed) but software update and everything is mudstuck slow..10.6.8 never completes to DL from apple..so I gave up..off to amazon.   Sorry to be off topic but has apple fixed the gmail issues with maverick that...
well I  tried to instal a new system.actually it did instal..but everything is running really slow and the beach ball is now my friend..can't even get the combo 10.6.8 to run..for whatever reason...sooooooooo I was going to get this drive,,,,any opinion...   thanks   Crucial M500 240GB 2.5" Internal SSD
no ram and any upgrades at all...its a 13" macbook pro. Yes I read about the GPU issues too. I am going to scrub the drive clean tonight and see what happens..I will Zero the drive too. Marvin mentioned  that It could just be a filesystem error. Safe mode doesn't load the whole system, kernel extensions are all disabled for example and not read from the disk Could I overwrite from a backup all the Kernel extensions and filesystem files?or am I asking for a clusterF@@ck...
Thanks Keylogger and everyone for the help   I will do some more work tonight and see if I can fix this. It is easy to replace a drive in a macbookpro(2010) and are SSD just as cheap as the old spinners for this type of puter? It has 250gig and that is more than enough for what we use it for   scott
its a mid 2010 model...I think..can't remember actually..but that is what my serial comes up as. If it is a file system kernel extensions error ,any ideas as to what would cause a recurring error such as this..I'm trying to convince my wife to stop online shopping...if it is associated to that...that would be helpful:) I do have it partitioned...2 drives... I guess its scrub time..
I haven't added anything new software wise ...Upgrades yes...and I never connect anything to it other than thumb drives( fat 32 formatted). I checked and I don't have a firewire cable that has both 800 on both ends( 400 and 800)..hmmmm My wife wears it out surfing for clothes..could she be the culprit:)
thanks Tallest Skil   This has happened frequently..I mean 4-5 times in the last year. Can anyone think of what could be the cause? Can I just boot from my Apple  instal disk and use disk utility for a repair? No rhythmic clicking...I had that once on my old macpro...knew it was dead!
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