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UG..I know..I finally gave up trying!...
I have read in many posts  online of people having issues with the app store crapping out before OSX Mavericks is finished downloading. This was when it just came out and  Apples servers were most  likely very taxed. I finally decide to take the plunge but have yet to be able to because of that crappy App store..all it takes is my time and my data limits. Is there a better place to get this update..Personally I would rather pay 25$ like the old ways and at least have a...
I am curious why it cost $3500 to upgrade to 12 core for the base config and $3000 for the same thing on the top end machine?   thanks scott
I need to buy some more ram for my Imac.. I have never used OWC before..amazon mostly as I know I won't have any delivery etc fees added. Since OWC is shipping from US and I am in Canada can anyone confirm that no addition duties etc will be added if it is shipped first class ground? these are the two...
thanks everyone...I am not in a rush so I can wait until after Xmas...better deals hopefully. There are soooo many flavors of Windows...what to pick? This system would be for 3d design and renders only..64bit required..and not hooked to the internet.   thanks
Although I am a mac user..I am pretty tech savvy...and the internet is our friend:) I also have a very tech savvy PC friend 1 hour away if shite hits the fan. I will price out some components.   thanks
hi   I am a mac user but I am thinking of adding a PC to compliment my 3d speed needs. Can I build a machine cheaper than the link below? or a equally priced machine but with better components? This is a new area for me. http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=7_1203_124&item_id=062315     thanks   scott
thanks everyone for the advice. A friend that teaches and design 3d on the PC side suggested the darkside:) For 1K I can get a very good machine as a start which would give me a i7-4770( 3.4), 12 gig ram and NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 2GB. I could then link both machines with team render(C4D)...not completely sold yet but another option   scott
Brain farts...seems I DO have a 2010 Imac...so maybe. I lost a year somewhere...probably a few actually!   scott
Great advice Marvin...thank you for that! For me the bottle neck is GPU..I think...I am OK with render times but screen redraw during the design process can be irritating. I use C4D BTW. It doesn't seem to be a huge speed benefit from the i5 to the i7( late 2013) as you pointed out compared to what I have now...I think:) A macPro...would be amazing but not in the cards $$ wise If I could sell me Imac now for 1300 and then have to put in another $1000 to get a new one...
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