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I think AT&T and Verizon may start to bundle Apple Watches with iPhones, especially around the holidays.We could see a sort of BOGO promotion where customers can get both an iPhone and an Apple Watch for $299 up front with the rest of the cost spread over a 2 year contract.
The level of hype surrounding the Apple Watch reminds me of what we saw in 2007 after Steve initially unveiled the iPhone.
I only wish the Apple Logo and "Shot on an iPhone 6" tag lines were bigger and bolder on these billboards. A casual observer or a driver on the highway wouldn't know that these are Apple ads.
I agree.Anything over 5 million would be a huge success for the Apple Watch since the competition is all struggling to sell 500,000 of their respective devices.
Very valid point.Personally iOS 7 was smooth on my iPad 2, but iOS 8 has been only a tad bit slower. Neither OS made the iPad unusable, and it is still leagues faster and smoother than any Android or Windows tablet I've ever used.That said I hope iOS 9 is kinder to my iPad 2. It's likely the last update it'll get.
I'm really digging the Space Grey Sport model. It looks like pure sex in these shots.
The Apple Watch reminds me of the original iPad. A device that is not necessarily a "necessity", but one you can't live without after you buy it.Very smart idea. I've been interested in one of those fitness trackers for awhile, but I've held off in anticipation for the Apple Watch. It seems the watch will do everything and more for me.I would like to see Apple make a "Shuffle" version of the Apple Watch in the future that just has the simply fitness tracking ability. I...
I think it's nice Apple still offers some of their older iDevices as entry level products, and it's pure profit for them so they probably won't phase them out.The entire iPod lineup will retire soon. Maybe this year if the Apple Watch takes off?
I understand your point.This is uncharted territory so it's hard to assume what Apple will do. Since this is a fashion device Apple could easily charge more for specific colors, which is common for high end clothing.But I really hope Apple keeps the pricing structure of the watch relatively simple. There's already enough complexity with the different bands and models.
I think this ad will be successful for its targeted audience.The creative "first year art student" vibe (as you so kindly put it) is not everyone's cup of tea obviously, but I think it's effective for the demographic this ad is targeting.
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