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Yes that seems about right.Add a $50 up charge for the 42mm sport and standard models, with the gold getting an even higher up charge for the 42mm size.I think the starting price of the gold model might be lower than $7499, but the 42mm model with the large gold buckle will probably be close to (if not higher than) $7499.
#RIPBlackMacbookIt's too soon to assume that.Personally I don't see a reason for Apple to charge more for the space grey Sport Watch when they don't currently charge a premium for Space grey in their other iDevices.
The marketing for Apple Watch has been flawless. I'm expecting the pricing to be simple and straightforward for all 3 variations of the watch with the 38mm sport models being the entry level price of $349, and the most expensive gold models being somewhere north of $3000 but south of $5000.
Plenty of people around the globe spend $5k a day on things less essential than an Apple Watch. The gold model isn't for the masses. It's for the super wealthy that can and will buy a new $5k model every year.
You should check out the Instagram link. As VOGUE UK is posting pictures of the Apple Watch, the users following VOGUE are commenting about how they now want/need the AppleWatch. This entire fashion push Apple is doing with the Watch is GENIUS.Apple will capture the fashionista audience of early adopters that want the latest fashion craze. That will really boost first gen Watch sales past hobby status and into a major product for the company.
The technology is pretty mind blowing already.The fashion aspect is just a plus.
That's hot. I can't wait to see Apple Watches everywhere.
Apple won't have to. No one is going to buy the Sammy watches and no brands are going to want to be associated with Samsung watches.
I hope the iPad Plus will be ready by this holiday season.
Apple was smart not to bring a new entry level iPhone out this year. Right now apple will be able to capitalize on their most expensive highest margin new phones.Next year I think we'll see 4 new phones introduced:iPhone 6C Mini - 4 inch colorful plastic smartphone with NFC and an A8 for $449iPhone 6C - 4.7 inch colorful plastic smartphone with NFC and an A8 for $549iPhone 6S - 4.7 inch metal smartphone with all the latest tech and features $649iPhone 6S Plus - 5.5 inch...
New Posts  All Forums: