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I couldn't disagree with the examples they gave though. iTunes is definetly not easy to use and could use MASSIVELY overhaul.
The predictive typing seems to take information from your current keyboard dictionary in order to work.That means all of the misspellings you've overridden knowingly or unknowingly are now part of the predictive text dictionary and they now appear in the suggested 3 word pop ups.
Control center is ugly now
Obviously manufacturing will be more efficient for Apple but for consumers Apple always adds a "killer" feature to its S models to help them stand out.3GS - video camera4S - Siri5S - Touch ID6S- ???What can Apple add to make the 6S stand out?
As far as an iPad Plus it seems like a logical product to bring out this year. With Apple's deal with IBM more enterprise players will be buying iPads and some may want the option for a larger screen model.Also with the larger iPhones Apple will probably lose some iPad Mini sales so in order to keep iPad sales growing a larger model will probably help alleviate some of the decline of the smaller model.Aside from that there really isn't much I can see Apple announcing for...
I don't doubt that it will take 6 or more months until ApplePay is everywhere but in the near term I can foresee it coming to other areas where the infrastructure already exist.I'm hoping we will hear about availability in at least Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, UK, and Australia this October.
Maybe no Apple TV hardware -- I think brokering a payment deal with the major banks is more than enough for one year. But there should be a software update along with Yosimite ... Isn't Airplay supposed to bypass the need to connect to a network and go direct into the box? I'm looking forward to that ...[/quote]There will likely be a software update to coincide with Yosemite and iOS 8 but I don't think we will hear any announcement on AppleTV until next year.I don't see...
I agree sapphire wouldn't be a major selling point for the 6S. I'm actually curious what Apple will do to differentiate the 6S from the 6 though.I would assume optical image stabilization will come to the smaller model and maybe more RAM as well but what will the distinguishing feature be?Likely not sapphire because consumers could care less.
Uneventful compared to the iPhone and AppleWatch event.Although a retina iMac would be ground breaking the tech press only cares about Apple's iDevices. So in their minds it would be a boring event if Apple's major innovations came from the Mac side. But I expect Apple to also release a larger iPad alongside the Mac updates.I also think we'll hear a lot about ApplePay at the event. ApplePay announcements will also keep investors happy, which is a plus.
NFC is already in Europe and Asia. Apple simply has to get banks overseas to agree to their terms, which should be easy since US banks said the terms were favorable, and after the terms are agreed upon ApplePay should work with existing NFC terminals.I think ApplePay's rollout will be much faster than iTunes Radio because for ApplePay the infrastructure is already there and most banks are willing to move to secure mobile payments.Don't be surprised if we see Canadian,...
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