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I'm more excited by the prospects of what Apple will announce on the software side. As far as hardware there's not much Apple can do to blow people away.For software, though, Apple has the opportunity to blow everyone out of the water with their payment solutions, as well as, health, home, and auto interconnectivity with iOS.
The 5C is a really good deal considering Apple will likely make an 8GB for the $0 option when the 6 comes out. For bargain shoppers they can now get the standard 16GB model for virtually the same price.
Seems more like a Beats ad than an Apple ad.
I agree.Beats has always had excellent marketing. That's why they are highly coveted by young adults globally.Their "Game before the Game" ad was absolutely perfect and it shows where Apple should go with their marketing. The ad currently has over 20 million views on YouTube and over 75,000 up votes. Actually all of Beats ads have gained traction on YouTube.Its been nearly a decade since an Apple ad campaign made waves like that.
And yet their stock is up
Apple probably had prototype watches a decade ago. Wasn't their original patent for the wrap around continuous screen wrist band from 2008? I'm sure Steve had some input in the design and Apple has been waiting for technology to catch up with their vision.Even so I don't think anyone has an idea what the iWatch may be. It could be a futuristic wrist band with a screen that wraps around the whole wrist or if could be a simple round watch face. Even if it is a round watch...
The design is Apple's biggest opportunity. Up till now all of the Android watches are too big and don't look like they'd be comfortable long term on the wrist.If Apple can get the design and ergonomics down then they will already be ahead of the Android watch makers.Add in excellent battery life and fitness sensors it'll be unique enough at launch where they wont have to worry about the posers that have been pushing products out quickly just in order to "beat" Apple to it.
With apple potentially releasing larger iPhones this fall, I forsee massive market share gains. Apple will have an extremely strong lineup with the 5C for free and the up to 5.5 inch iPhone that I can't see android manufacturers being able to hold on to much market share.
There's no logic to what you're saying. Apple is already developing an A8 processor that will be more efficient than the A7, and every year since the iPhone 4 Apple has come out with an upgraded A series chip. I don't see why this year would be any different.In most countries the iPhone 4 has already been phased out and I assume both the 4 and 4S will be phased out this year completely.The 5C will be the low end the 5S (or a plastic version) will be the mid range and the...
The reason it makes more sense for 2015 versus now is because this year Apple is already giving consumers a larger, thinner, faster, more efficient phone for the same price as the outgoing model.Consumers will see the value of getting more for their money already with the 6 over the 5S, hence why there is no need to also double the storage.Next year there will be less features added between the 6 to the 6S so if Apple were to double the storage sizes for the iPhone, next...
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