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Another thing I loved about WWDC was the focus on spotlight.With Spotlight's web search feature Apple is going to shift hundreds of millions of iOS and Mac customers away from google search.Genius.
I really enjoyed both OS X and iOS 8's new feature set. Apple gave everyone what they wanted plus some. We now have quick reply, a file system, better keyboards, safari extensions, and widgets all introduced in one version of iOS. The continuity stuff in Mac was awesome as well. As a side note, I can see that Apple has really paved the way for future wearable devices that take advantage of continuity and Apple's other developer features released today.
  I agree with this.  The iWatch is being made as an iPod replacement. The benefits of the iWatch over the iPods is the health and sensor data, as well as connectivity to iPhones and iPads. Apple will finally give smart watches a purpose, because currently most consumers don't see a need for them.
 That is easily remedied by having different color backgrounds on the screen. People can choose whatever watch face they want whether it be mickey mouse or plain black.
Looks like an edge to edge display too lol
Well I see no other alternative for this fall.There's no way the 4S hangs around another year and there's no way Apple builds a new $0 model from scratch.That leaves the 5C (the 5S will likely be retired for good) as the free model meaning Apple has to create a new mid-tier and high end.If the next iPhones are liquid metal than production should be far easier than it was for the 5S. With that being the case Apple could probably feasibly make an all new liquid metal phone...
The 5C is probably not going anywhere. It'll be free next year and Apple will probably launch 2 new models. A new mid tier model and a new high end model. The biggest differentiator will be screen-size but both new models will carry a new unique design, and both will have Touch ID.
There's no resurgence coming to the iPod line. Once Apple's wearable device comes out then there will be no need for the Shuffle or the Nano. Apple needs to make a 1TB iPod Classic and keep the Touch around until the iPhone C becomes a more affordable option for consumers.
Introducing "iMaps"!
Imagine how crazy the lines and media buzz would be if Apple launched the Retina Mini ON BLACK FRIDAY! It would be even more awesome if there was a special black friday deal or iTunes gift card given with the retina mini as well!
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