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I 100% agree.It's funny because a few years ago people thought Apple should get into the search engine game which I'm glad they haven't.On that note, Apple should have done something like what they've done with Spotlight with Maps. Instead of investing in the overhead to get all the maps data they now need, they should have invested in a good user experience and simply gotten partners such as Mapquest, Yahoo, and Bing for the data.I'm sure the maps-fiasco was a lesson...
This ad was beautifully done. It did an excellent job in making the viewer lust after the sexy Solo2 headphones, which I would presume was the whole point. Regardless of product quality, good marketing is half the battle toward high brand value, which Beats most certainly has. Apple needs to look into using Beats' ad-agency rather than shifting to an in-house approach.
Apple is going to weaken consumer's reliance on Google one step at a time. With Smart Search's addition of Top Hit (which is probably provided by Bing), App Store, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, and Movie Showtimes (likely from Fandango) most people's basic search needs will be taken care of without having to go to Google.
I love the ad. Probably my favorite of this series of iPhone and iPad ads so far.
I doubt features would be limited for the 4S since the 4S ran iOS 7 fine. I would assume most of iOS 8's improvements aren't processor intensive.
The best news is that iOS 8 won't be hobbled on any of Apple's older iPhones in the way that iOS 7 was limited on the iPhone 4. Every iPhone will get the full iOS 8 experience.
Agreed.For those that feel iOS 8 was a minor release on the feature side, they simply don't see the limitless potential apple has given developers to make iOS 8 the most powerful usable iOS yet.The addition of customizable widgets and sharing is huge for iOS and huge for the consumer.Yes android had those features, but they were not implemented as elegantly and as user friendly as Apple has presented with iOS 8. Consumers will have no problem taking advantage of all iOS 8...
I love that Apple added customization without adding complexity. Novice users will easily be able to add widgets from apps they already have without having to go to a separate widget store (ie OS X) and with the simple "More" option in the share sheet it's easy to customize share options for apps that already have social sharing capabilities. IMO iOS 8 is a home run. Apple listened to customers that wanted more customization without adding layers of complexity and...
Another thing I loved about WWDC was the focus on spotlight.With Spotlight's web search feature Apple is going to shift hundreds of millions of iOS and Mac customers away from google search.Genius.
I really enjoyed both OS X and iOS 8's new feature set. Apple gave everyone what they wanted plus some. We now have quick reply, a file system, better keyboards, safari extensions, and widgets all introduced in one version of iOS. The continuity stuff in Mac was awesome as well. As a side note, I can see that Apple has really paved the way for future wearable devices that take advantage of continuity and Apple's other developer features released today.
New Posts  All Forums: