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 I agree with you, but I don't think this is the year Apple doubles storage for the iPhone. Sales are going to be through the roof, regardless, because this is the first large screen phone Apple is selling. So that being the case, Apple may as well profit from people paying $100 for minimal storage upgrades for one more year. I think that Apple will double storage on the iPads this year though, with the iPhone getting 32/64/128 options next year.
Apple beat them to it with the continuity features on Yosemite 
 I think we'll see this: iPhone Air 5.5 with A8 and 16GB: $299 (on contract)iPhone Air 4.7 with A8 and 16GB: $199 (on contract)iPhone Color* 4.0 with A7 and 16GB: $99 (on contract)iPhone 5C 4.0 with A6 and 8GB: $0 (on contract) *The iPhone "Color" is an iPhone 5S repackaged in a plastic case just like the 5C, but it will include Touch ID.
      If Apple makes a new 4 inch iPhone it'll likely be a plastic cased iPhone 5S sold for $99 on contract. The new iPhone 6 (or whatever it's called) will likely only be available at 4.7 inches, with the possibility of a 5.5 inch Phablet version.
 It surprises me more people are interested in a "free" 5C than a $99 5S. 
I like the curved glass on the edges of the panel. I wonder though if that means there won't be chamfered metal edges as well?
I think a lot of the recent discounting we have seen could be the doing of Angela Ahrendts the new retail chief.Discounting of this sort is common in retail, and it's something Apple rarely did before she got there.
I doubt this will have any effect on iPhone pricing. But this does likely mean that the iPod touch will not see a redesign this year. No 4.7 or 5.5 inch screen size upgrade.
This article is quoting Chinese prices. The 16GB currently cost 5288 yuan which is $850 dollars.http://store.apple.com/cn/buy-iphone/iphone5s
I don't believe Apple is going to ditch the 16GB base model this year. That seems like an upgrade for an "S" year. People are going to flock to this new iPhone simply for the bigger screen and fresh new design. There is no reason for Apple to ditch their high margin pricing for memory upgrades this year.
New Posts  All Forums: