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This article is quoting Chinese prices. The 16GB currently cost 5288 yuan which is $850 dollars.http://store.apple.com/cn/buy-iphone/iphone5s
I don't believe Apple is going to ditch the 16GB base model this year. That seems like an upgrade for an "S" year. People are going to flock to this new iPhone simply for the bigger screen and fresh new design. There is no reason for Apple to ditch their high margin pricing for memory upgrades this year.
I agree.If the drawings were correct there will be no visible side bezel on the device and the top and bottom bezels will be significantly smaller than what is shown with these dummy units.
 I would assume Apple will treat the 5C like the iPods and update the colors at a minimum every 12 months.
The 5C will likely hang around and replace the 4S as Apple's free on contract phone. A 6C likely won't arrive until next year.
 The new design looks professional and sexy in this mockup from MacRumors:  I have faith Apple will polish the iPhone 6 off nicely.
 I agree.  I actually think this will look good when it's all put together. I'm hoping for an edge to edge display on the front though. Some of the front panel leaks seem to show side bezels bigger than the current iPhones which wouldn't make sense, IMO.
There's no reason for Apple to buy Sennheiser. Apple isn't getting into the headphone business.Apple bought Beats because Apple is trying to strengthen its position in the music business.Beats are fashion statements unlike Sennheisers. Younger people love Beats because Dr. Dre and company did an excellent job connecting the fashionable headphones to celebrities, athletes, and musicians.That's why Beats will "stick out" moreso than Sennhesiers. Likewise Apple products may...
I 100% agree.It's funny because a few years ago people thought Apple should get into the search engine game which I'm glad they haven't.On that note, Apple should have done something like what they've done with Spotlight with Maps. Instead of investing in the overhead to get all the maps data they now need, they should have invested in a good user experience and simply gotten partners such as Mapquest, Yahoo, and Bing for the data.I'm sure the maps-fiasco was a lesson...
This ad was beautifully done. It did an excellent job in making the viewer lust after the sexy Solo2 headphones, which I would presume was the whole point. Regardless of product quality, good marketing is half the battle toward high brand value, which Beats most certainly has. Apple needs to look into using Beats' ad-agency rather than shifting to an in-house approach.
New Posts  All Forums: