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There's no resurgence coming to the iPod line. Once Apple's wearable device comes out then there will be no need for the Shuffle or the Nano. Apple needs to make a 1TB iPod Classic and keep the Touch around until the iPhone C becomes a more affordable option for consumers.
Introducing "iMaps"!
Imagine how crazy the lines and media buzz would be if Apple launched the Retina Mini ON BLACK FRIDAY! It would be even more awesome if there was a special black friday deal or iTunes gift card given with the retina mini as well!
3 out of 5 stars seems fitting for the 5C.
The 5C is a non-starter in countries where prepaid is the norm. Unsurprisingly it's doing well in the US where one can easily find offers for "free" 5Cs with 2 year contract.
I love that their still selling the iPad 2! The iPad 2 is probably pure profit considering it'll be selling for the same $399 price for another year! But I'm sure businesses and schools will continue to buy the iPad 2 en masse for an even lower discounted price. The iPad 2 is honestly still one of the best full sized tablets on the market. Yes it doesn't have retina but it's display is gorgeous and it has excellent battery life and it's comfortably light in the...
$229 for the 1st gen Mini would mean Apple will get back that 80% share of the market.
 You people that equate the 5C to last years 4S are laughable. Did the 4S last year have a 30 minute introduction at the iPhone 5 special event? Did the 4S receive hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising globally? That's why there weren't reports of 4S sitting on shelves. Actually 4Ss weren't even discounted below $99 until this year. The 5C has been on the clearance rack since launch seemingly. You don't know 5C sales either, but anecdotally there are reports from...
 It does not have a faster processor than the 5. In some benchmarks it rates slower? Better facetime camera yes and that's it The iPhone 5 has iOS 7 as well Yes $100 less than the state of the art 5S, but the same price as remaining iPhone 5s on carriers which is a far classier phone. The problem is Apple made a cheaper looking phone and cheaper feeling phone, and priced it too high.   You have no more information than I do. How can you say the 5C is a sales success?   I...
You are simply making things up.Brilliant strategy?Why would Apple not want the 5C to sell well? They've poured hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising into the 5C and they've produced millions of units that they probably expected to sell.Your statements can't be validated because of those two massive facts.Apple's margins on the 5C and 5S seem to be the same percentage-wise so the motion that the 5C's sole job is to sell more 5Ss seems to be a pretty big stretch to...
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