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 It's amazing that the iPhone got a small launch on their campus while the iPad gets the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Certainly a sign of the times at Apple (although the iPhone still greatly dwarfs the iPad in profits for Apple).
It didn't sound like the WSJ was back pedaling to me. It was still a very negative article with an obvious anti Apple slant. I said this in the other thread but it's rather apparent to me that the 5C is selling below expectations. Retailers have been overstocked with the device since launch which means Apple probably anticipated higher demand for the 5C. Add in the fact that Apple has launched a massive global advertising campaign for the 5C and it can barely muster a...
So much comedy in this thread! I'm kinda sad the mods cleaned dillio's posts out. Anyway isn't it obvious by how many unsold 5Cs are at retailers that 5C sales are running below Apple and retailers expectations? The positive thing is the 5S is seemingly picking up the sales slack but Apple obviously anticipated far higher sales or else they wouldn't have produced so many 5Cs to begin with.
I've seen a few 5Cs in the wild now. A friend of a friend bought a blue model. I was looking at it yesterday and I really can't bring myself to like it. It looks and feels cheap, considering nowadays you can get an HTC One for the same price as the 5C.
So Apple rented out Yerba Buena to unveil.... Smart Covers!
 I meant 2272x1280 essentially doubling the iPhone 5's current resolution. It appears the 5S already has 40hr battery life for audio. I expect an incremental battery life increase with the new phone maybe about 20%? I think we may see an iWallet that will combine iBeacons, TouchID, and Passbook into a full fledged payment system. I expect that to be the next "big thing" in iOS 8 hence why it would also be a major feature of the next iPhone. Quad-core obviously isn't...
world domination
The next iPhone will have a 5 inch IGZO display 2332x1280 resolution. It'll sport an all new buttonless/bezeless form factor and feature a liquid metal case. It'll have 40hr battery life as well as Touch ID built into the display. It'll debut with the new iWallet system which will be backwards compatible with the 5S, and finally it will use a new quad core A8 processor which will be 2x faster than A7.
I loved my black MacBook before I upgraded to the Pro.I paid the $100 color premium just to be different because at the time it seemed EVERYONE was buying white MacBooks.Anyway I asked a girl who had bought the white 5C, why she chose white and she said, she actually wanted blue or pink but both were sold out. She settled for the white instead and bought a blue and pink Apple case.Agreed.
I've already seen numerous 5Cs in the wild. Primarily the white model though. Even so I've stills seen far more 5Ss than 5Cs.
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