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 Those "bits" are glass, and the look of the space gray will complement a MacBook Pro more than the Slate model did.
 The 5C will do well in the US where I believe 80% of phones are sold on contract. Comments like this convince me of that:  But outside of the US, I can't see the 5C doing well after the 5S launch. My earlier point was, connecting the "5C" to the "5" was a bad idea because now the general public knows it's a repackaged iPhone 5. If Apple marketed it as a completely new phone without mentioning it had iPhone 5 internals that would have helped general perception. Apple...
 And you're acting like Apple cannot make any mistakes on any of the above.
 Wow, I didn't even think of that. Then when you add in the 5C has a cheaper manufacturing process than the iPod Touch's anodized aluminum plus chamfered edge design, and it becomes that much more ridiculous. People saying the 5C couldn't have been cheaper than it is have their heads up their asses so far they can't even see the light of day.
 That would make sense. I think Apple and carriers are banking on the blue model being popular. That's the one I see on all the carrier banners on their sites. Looks VERY nice too.
 We'll probably see a move on the price before we see colors discontinued or replaced.
After my white 4S I'm upgrading to a Space Gray 5S as well!
 And when was Apple Motorola or Nokia...
 This whole 5C fiasco makes Apple look bad. Question to everyone: Would Steve have done something like this? Yes that's a troll-ish question, but I'm serious. I feel if Steve were to make a "5C" he would start from the ground up to develop the best mid-tier phone he could. He would probably reimagine the whole product and not just throw last years phone in a plastic case and sell it for the same price it would normally be sold for. The Mac Mini was completely different...
 I think that would have alleviated some of the angst against the 5C. If it were $200 less than the 5S it would have made more sense for some people, even here on AI. With the minimal price difference it's a hard sell. It's sad that the 5C apparently cost more than even the S4 in Europe according to alex101.   I agree with this post. The name 5C doesn't help Apple's cause. This would have been a good time to drop naming conventions, and just bring out 2 new phones with no...
New Posts  All Forums: