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I've already seen numerous 5Cs in the wild. Primarily the white model though. Even so I've stills seen far more 5Ss than 5Cs.
As far as 5C sales, this news isn't at all impressive. But I'm sure Apple is happy that the more expensive higher margin 5S is selling better than the 5C.   With all of the marketing dollars and ads for the 5C one would think it would be selling at a higher rate than the 5S, but I guess the cost savings of $100 isn't enough to make the 5C a more attractive option for buyers over the 5S.
 It doesn't work that way. You have to pay for an additional line an additional voice plan, and an increase in the data plan (if you're using a family plan). 
 That's subject. 4 people out of 5 around me love it.
 If Apple dropped the price before September 2014, they would be admitting they made a mistake. That's something Apple never does. The most I expect is an entry level 8GB model released for $450 some time after the holidays. The 16GB and 32GB will remain the same price until the next iPhone is released.
 I LOVE iOS 7 honestly. I find new conveniences and features everyday, and it is so much more beautiful and functional than previous iOS'. The 5C is simply overpriced for what's offered, but at this point it is too late for Apple to backtrack on the price. The one benefit I see is that the 5C is driving 5S sales. People no longer have the option to settle for last years "good enough" iPhone. Now there is a clear distinction and people are deciding to pay up the extra $100...
 In order to get it for that price you have to sign up for a carrier contract and have it activated with that carrier.
And of course this is not available for the 5S! I think the channels are still pretty loaded with 5C and that's why we're seeing deals like this. Retailers want these phones off the shelves, and not surprisingly the S4 is in the same predicament.
What is wrong with you people asking for a plastic iPad Mini?
No just no.
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