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Exactly.I don't understand why some commenters here won't admit that this is a bad deal for consumers. Apple's motive wasn't to make the best product for consumers but rather to make the best product to pad they're cash pile.The plastic 5C could have been sold off contract for much less and Apple still could have made a fat profit from each model sold. But rather they decided to screw us all over and collect a higher margin than they normally would on their mid tier phone.
It is for the colorful.They'd be happier with new color options than spec bumps.Apple may update processors but then the nomenclature gets messy and confusing quickly.That's why I postulated they could simply drop the price add a few more colors and leave it as is.But with iOS 7 and presumably 8 going 64 bit maybe that won't be an option and they'll have to make a 5CS?
It makes Apples purchase of all of those small mapping Apps make more sense. Most of this functionality will probably hit iOS 8 and be prominately featured on the iPhone 6 with backwards compatibility with the 5S
5C would drop out and be replaced by a 6C in 2 years sold alongside the 6S.The "C" models can help give Apple a bump during the less flashy "S" year model updates. Primary updates would need an entire keynote devoted to the new device design so no time or need for "C" updates then.Apple already does this with the Touch. Major revision every 2 years. New colors on years lacking a hardware update. I kind of expect te same for the "C".Anything more would make the lineup too...
I'm curious of the same, but I was thinking maybe the 5C will only get hardware updates every 2 years (ie nothing until the 6C). I can't see them making a 5CS.I'm assuming the 5C drops in price $100 and the 5S probably drops in price as well with the 6 moving to the $199 slot.
5C and 5S soldier on unchanged (5C potentially gets new colors).iPhone 6 released with all the bells and whistles and bigger screen.
 That's a good point. The iPhone 4 seems to still be available in some emerging markets as well. I think we might see an 8GB 5C this Jan or Feb after the holiday season. That'll prop up sales during the traditional post holiday sales slump.
 I don't think anyone has qualms with the contract price of the 5C (ok maybe a few people here). The main complaint is the unsubsidized price. Would you personally pay $550 for a phone that looks like the 5C? Add in the fact that in Europe and Asia the price is even more exorbitant and you'll understand why the backlash. The 5C looks great and seems like a wonderful phone, but it's certainly not a flagship phone. I think it would have been better if Apple made 8GB and 16GB...
 According to devs testing the GM it's gone. I too was very excited for the feature. It would finally give Pano shots taken with iPhone 4S+ a purpose.
Yeah I was thinking the same.The big "surprise" from the event for everyone wasnt any particular product but instead the price of the 5C.But honestly investors would still have been disappointed in the price even if it was $450. Anything over $300 would have been deemed too expensive for emerging markets.But still $550? Really Apple? No matter. They'll make massive profits.
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