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5C and 5S soldier on unchanged (5C potentially gets new colors).iPhone 6 released with all the bells and whistles and bigger screen.
 That's a good point. The iPhone 4 seems to still be available in some emerging markets as well. I think we might see an 8GB 5C this Jan or Feb after the holiday season. That'll prop up sales during the traditional post holiday sales slump.
 I don't think anyone has qualms with the contract price of the 5C (ok maybe a few people here). The main complaint is the unsubsidized price. Would you personally pay $550 for a phone that looks like the 5C? Add in the fact that in Europe and Asia the price is even more exorbitant and you'll understand why the backlash. The 5C looks great and seems like a wonderful phone, but it's certainly not a flagship phone. I think it would have been better if Apple made 8GB and 16GB...
 According to devs testing the GM it's gone. I too was very excited for the feature. It would finally give Pano shots taken with iPhone 4S+ a purpose.
Yeah I was thinking the same.The big "surprise" from the event for everyone wasnt any particular product but instead the price of the 5C.But honestly investors would still have been disappointed in the price even if it was $450. Anything over $300 would have been deemed too expensive for emerging markets.But still $550? Really Apple? No matter. They'll make massive profits.
I'm sad that it looks like panoramic wallpapers have been removed
It's only for iTunes purchases and not available to developers. So no there's no wallet game won yet.
It's for the colorful!
This really seems like a bean counter/accountant department move.Switch a high end product to a low end material. Charge the same money and have the new larger marketing department have a field day marketing the plastic model as better than the former metal model.No Cook and Company. The 5C is not better than the 5. It's just cheaper for you to make. The entire 5C move was to pad margins and increase profits.Good for shareholders. I'm actually surprised the stock is down....
You compared the build quality of the 5C to the 3G/3GS.The 3G/3GS looked and felt expensive with their metal knobs and switches as well as the metal surround around the screen.The build quality of those phones cannot be compared to the kid-friendly 5Cs.
New Posts  All Forums: