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$229 8GB model? Ok.........
 I would as well. That's why I'm surprised at these late rumors of no Retina (again) and Touch ID.
 All of those upgrades PLUS Retina sound pricey to me. Maybe Apple will give the iPad Mini 2 major upgrades such as A7 and Touch ID, and not add Retina?  I have a feeling Touch ID alone would cause people to buy the Mini over competing tablets.
The retina model will probably come out this fall. There's no point in waiting till Q1 after people have already spent their holiday money.
 Targeted ads at a place like Walmart/Target etc, may not be terrible. If I'm looking for laundry detergent and a TIDE ad comes up detailing which laundry detergent is best for specific situations, then that's a helpful ad. If I'm at a clothing retailer like Banana Republic, then maybe ads would revolve around what sweaters are in style this season or maybe what promotions are going on in the store. Ads aren't always bad. Yes they can be annoying but I think in store ads...
 Me too! I wish some of the new iOS icons were this simple and stylish.
   Likewise why did they use a phonebooth to represent London, and not Big Ben  
iOS 7 is beautiful. I was just pausing today to look at my home screen and I couldn't be more happy with the upgrade. (Background courtesy of a MR member)
I love the image they used. Stylish flat icons, plus a nice space background.
iBeacons is the future. I expect iBeacons to take center stage at the next WWDC as Apple unveils an entirely new retail paradigm. Not only will iBeacons be used for payments but they will also be used for information about products and services at a retail or hospitality establishment. Some of the tools unveiled at the last WWDC will find there way into the real world in applications we haven't yet imagined yet. Expect major partnerships announced this upcoming year...
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