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I guess Apple is waiting until launch date to officially announce the partnership. Good news either way.
I'd rather the 5C be distinguished from other manufactures of whom all have colorful polycarbonate smartphones.The only company with an anodized aluminum phone is HTC.
You do know the #1 selling smartphone in the world has a 4 inch screen right? (Hint that phone was also made by Apple)
Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank.RIP Android in the US.
Apple has always had a phone in this price range since 2009. Higher quality phones than this!Carriers have had more than 1 iPhone to offer for 4 years.The 5C brings nothing new to the table and doesn't address any new markets for Apple. That being said I agree it'll sell well.
With technology nowadays a phone the thinness of the Touch is not impossible. Apple is probably waiting till the 6 to launch a phone that thin though.Anyway I'm still not seeing the benefit of using plastic other than saving Apple manufacturing cost.In reality they could have still had healthy margins with a colorful anodized aluminum phone similar to the Touch. At most an iPod Touch based iPhone should only cost $450. Seeing as Apple had planned on charging $550 I don't...
If only it was actually half the price of the 5.Aside from that, remember the 5C is the same price the 5 would have been for consumers this year anyway. The only one the 5C is cheaper for is Apple presumably.
With all the effort they put into it and the price they decided on, I'm surprised they didn't simply use iPod Touch grade anodized aluminum for the shell.I see no benefit to the use of plastic considering Apple likely intended all along to price the device at $550.
I felt the opposite.I like the cases Apple designed for the 5C. It helps differentiate the C and make it special. Without them the 5C looks like a 5 in a plastic case itself...
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