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Too bad currently the "lower cost" 5C is doing terrible in China. iPhone sales are gonna double, buts it's going to be because of the 5S (particularly the gold model) not the 5C.
 Screen size alone will be an "innovation" that will get people talking!  Honestly I think the next wave of big innovations for Apple will be software. I think the big feature of iOS 8 will be an all new PassBook that doubles as a wallet (the often rumored iWallet that Apple already has a dozen patents for). APIs for iBeacons will be center stage along with retail partnerships already in place. The only phones that will be able to take advantage of this will be 4S and up,...
Well at least they had the balls to pair gold with pink and brown glass! *barf*
Munster and all of the other analyst are idiots. The only reliable analyst we've seen is Kuo, the rest can shut up.
An interesting idea. I would hope the OS would be optimized for such a device because as if now iOS 7 waste too much space on bigger screens and the touch points in OSX would be too small for fingers on a 12 inch screen Maybe a whole new interface will be used?
 The animations are as fast as iOS 6 on my 5S. But they were a bit laggy on the 4S I traded in. I wonder if Apple did that on purpose to push people to upgrade? 
It's interesting that iOS 6 actually beat iOS 7 in a few metrics. Also Windows Phone did laughably bad.
 According to numerous reports it appears the 5S made up 78% of all iPhone sales last weekend. In China where the 5C was supposed to do well, the 5S made up 91% of iPhone sales. The only placed the 5C sold at 20% or more of all sales were places where subsidized phones are the norm. In places such as China and other parts of Europe the 5C was a non-starter and the 5S dominated. Not bad for Apple but overall but the 5C is still a dud in it's current state.
I don't think Amazon or other competitors are offering refunds. Good job Apple.
This is true. It's why Phil said what he said at WWDC."Can't innovate anymore my ass" was birthed from the perception from outsiders that Apple doesn't innovate anymore.Let's hope that perception will die once and for all this next 12 months. According to Cook there is a lot to look forward to.
New Posts  All Forums: