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It's only for iTunes purchases and not available to developers. So no there's no wallet game won yet.
It's for the colorful!
This really seems like a bean counter/accountant department move.Switch a high end product to a low end material. Charge the same money and have the new larger marketing department have a field day marketing the plastic model as better than the former metal model.No Cook and Company. The 5C is not better than the 5. It's just cheaper for you to make. The entire 5C move was to pad margins and increase profits.Good for shareholders. I'm actually surprised the stock is down....
You compared the build quality of the 5C to the 3G/3GS.The 3G/3GS looked and felt expensive with their metal knobs and switches as well as the metal surround around the screen.The build quality of those phones cannot be compared to the kid-friendly 5Cs.
I guess Apple is waiting until launch date to officially announce the partnership. Good news either way.
I'd rather the 5C be distinguished from other manufactures of whom all have colorful polycarbonate smartphones.The only company with an anodized aluminum phone is HTC.
You do know the #1 selling smartphone in the world has a 4 inch screen right? (Hint that phone was also made by Apple)
Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank.RIP Android in the US.
Apple has always had a phone in this price range since 2009. Higher quality phones than this!Carriers have had more than 1 iPhone to offer for 4 years.The 5C brings nothing new to the table and doesn't address any new markets for Apple. That being said I agree it'll sell well.
New Posts  All Forums: