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Because the 5C is not an iPod? Also the current iPhone 4 is only 8GB and it currently make up 25% of iPhone sales. I don't think an entry level phone needs to be more than that.Actually after my 16GB iPhome reached capacity I had to purchase additional space on iCloud so that I could still have access to all my content on the go.That's another upsale advantage for Apple. But I do agree the premium handset needs to START at 32GB and go up from there.
It's just a matter of time before Apple goes with a buttonless design with virtually no "chin" or space above and below the screen.Apple already has patents for capacitative touch panels with virtual buttons. The technology is there because Palm over 5 years ago pioneered a fully touch enabled surface around a multitouch screen on the Pre. Tech has come a long way since the Pre and I'm sure Apple can do some unique things with capacitative touch and gestures to operate the...
The point of an 8GB model is to push upsale to more expensive 16GB models. The 5C is only the gateway drug to iOS. Apple will want people to eventually upgrade to pricier handsets with more storage in the future.
If Apple keeps the 5 around that signals to me that the 5C will be even cheaper than we're expecting. The reason many of us assumed the 5 was going off to pasture was partly because of its production costs and also because the 5C was assumed to likely occupy the same price bracket. What this says to me is the 5C will be cheap enough that people won't cross shop it with the 5 and Apple finds selling both handsets profitable. I'm thinking we see 8GB 5C starting at $349...
 It'll be double the resolution of today's iPhone, so apps will scale just fine, although some touch targets will look obnoxiously large just as they do on big Androids.
 If we are to believe what the Russian carriers that dropped the iPhone a few months ago said, it seems that Apple makes carriers purchase a certain number of iPhones on the front end. DoMoCo and China Mobile probably weren't willing to take the risk purchasing millions of expensive iPhone 5s that they weren't sure would turn them a profit, but the 5C on the other hand should be cheap enough for the carriers to still commit to buying millions from Apple, while assuring the...
Agreed, Apple's world share is going to sky rocket with these 2 deals in place. Also it's looking like the 5S/5C will launch the same day in Japan China and US?  That will make this Apple's biggest product debut ever.
I think we will see an iPhone where the entire front panel is display and the home button becomes capacitative. It's really only a matter of time IMO. I think iOS 7 really points to that. I imagine we'll see a phone with a 5 inch display/front panel and an overall smaller footprint and form factor than the current 5.
This is what they call innovation? Bigger screens and copying competitors rumored yet unreleased products?
 It's because most of their devices don't have Bluetooth 4.0. Actually most Androids don't have it, so watch accessories are non-starters on Android.
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