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 According to numerous reports it appears the 5S made up 78% of all iPhone sales last weekend. In China where the 5C was supposed to do well, the 5S made up 91% of iPhone sales. The only placed the 5C sold at 20% or more of all sales were places where subsidized phones are the norm. In places such as China and other parts of Europe the 5C was a non-starter and the 5S dominated. Not bad for Apple but overall but the 5C is still a dud in it's current state.
I don't think Amazon or other competitors are offering refunds. Good job Apple.
This is true. It's why Phil said what he said at WWDC."Can't innovate anymore my ass" was birthed from the perception from outsiders that Apple doesn't innovate anymore.Let's hope that perception will die once and for all this next 12 months. According to Cook there is a lot to look forward to.
  As I said in another thread it is unlikely Apple will lower the price of the 5C.  They likely will "add" an 8GB model for $449 and faze out the 4S in early Spring after the holiday season. That'll juice up sales in the normal sales lull the iPhone experiences 6 months into it's cycle, without hurting profits for Apple. Most people that want decent storage will still have to pay $99/$549 for the upgrade which is pure profit for Apple. Apple is not going to admit they were...
 It's what they did with the iPod Touch line earlier this year. They brought out a more expensive 32GB Colorful iPod Touch last year. Kept the old model around to cover the low end. Then in Spring canned the old model and brought out a 16GB version of the new model in the same price slot the old one occupied. This strategy would partially explain why Apple decided to keep the 4S and price the 5C higher than expected.  Apple will be able to assure high profits over the...
 People said the same about iPads before they came out. Don't underestimate Apple.
    Apple won't cut prices. They will likely add a 8GB option after the holiday season, to keep sales of the 5C up and faze out the 8GB iPhone 4S. Kuo, of whom was right on most of the details on the iPhone launch said that the 4S would only be manufactured till the end of the year. An 8GB 5C would make sense in addition to new colors for the Spring time. That'll breathe new life into iPhone sales during the typical slump.
Congratulations to Apple. They've done a bang up job and have simply silenced all of their critics with these sales numbers. Simply amazing and almost unbelievable 12 million next year then?
Nope.If a bigger screen came out in 6 months there would be riots in the streets from the 10s of millions of 5S buyers. There's a reason Apple goes on a yearly update cycle.The predictability encourages people to buy new Apple products at launch especially iPhone.Yes the iPad 4 fiasco happened last year but that was at least the same form factor.The most we're getting from iPhone in 6 months would be new 5C colors or a lower 5C model (possibly an 8GB option).
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