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 Galazy Gear is an overpriced ugly accessory.
This is only the beginning. Soon we'll see iAds for Apple's upcoming TV initiative as well.   Lot's of potential money to be made by Apple, and Wall Street seems to be ignoring the potential.
 I was thinking about that article.... I guess we'll see what becomes of it later today
 That may be Apple's long term goal but as far next weeks' announcement it will probably be more similar to ascii's post below: 
 I don't see why Apple would go through the trouble of having a separate event if there wasn't a deal. Anyway with China Mobile having 700 million subscribers, if Apple captured as little as 10% revenue would surge. Wall Street has a reason to celebrate, and now maybe the stock will have the valuation it deserves.
 Yup. Only explanation is next gen iPad or Air.
As long as Apple doesn't succumb to carriers' demands for bloatware it's all still good. I've been thinking the fingerprint sensor will be good for businesses. That's probably how Apple will talk it up at the event. The 5S will become a Pro tier device and will likely be marketed as so, while the 5C will be the consumer smartphone.
 The China event will probably be exactly the same as the US event. Meaning Apple will launch 5S, 5C, Apple TV as well as announce a China Mobile and likely DoMoCo deal at the US event. Then hours later at the China event, the same products will be announced and then officials from China Mobile will be there at the China event to talk the details about their new deal with Apple and what that means for consumers there. Likely details we Americans won't care about hence why...
I'm excited for next week. I think this finger print scanner will have more purposes than simply unlocking the phone. Maybe we'll see additional biometric and health uses?
Very nice invite design. Looks like those circles are the colors we should expect for the 5C?
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