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Great continuity between the OS and hardware. That's what Apple is all about and it's something Samsung or Android will never be able to replicate. Posted via iOS 7
Siri was definitely a flashier more talked about feature especially with consumers than Touch ID is now.
As much as I dislike plastic I'm excited to touch and feel the 5c after reading these reviews.Multiple reviews described the material of the 5c's back panel to feel ceramic and not like plastic at all. That sounds rather unique and exciting.
I'm going to stand in line Thursday night into Friday.I plan on getting a space gray model! I'll post pics IF I can get one before they sell out!
Another factor I thought about just now.With all I the supply and production constraints on the 5s Apple will have an easy to produce alternative for iPhone buyers particularly those overseas.I wonder how many people will settle for a 5c this weekend when 5s supplies dry up?
5s is a game changer that's for sure. I can't wait to get mine, but I'm hoping there will at least be enough in stock at my local Apple store Friday.
The unlocked phones would work on china mobiles network now that the phones have native support correct?
Me too!Great ad for Apple though!
 This is especially an issue overseas. I think the $99 on contract price was the right decision but off contract it should have been $399.
 And that's bad for Apple how? Apple has always fed off of buying frenzies and short supply of their products.  As if Apple has the luxury of waiting a year to price the 5C where it should have been priced now. In a year it will be old news and no one is going to care what price it is (much like how no one cares or notices the price of the 4S today). Also by then the innards of the phone will be 2 years old. I personally wouldn't want someone to buy an outdated plastic...
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