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I like the idea of keeping the PPI consistent and simply letter boxing legacy apps. It's not the most elegant solution butIt worked for the iPhone 5.Apples next iPhone will probably put a larger screen in a device that's smaller by volume, just as the iPhone 5 was smaller than the 4S by volume.I expect it to be significantly thinner and possibly with a curved liquid metal back to make it easier to hold.
 It makes sense that they are debuting this with iPhone, since most people carry their smartphones with them everywhere, so making payments with a phone is a logical step. That's less so the case with the iPod Touch and iPad. The iPad may get a fingerprint sensor one day, but I don't know how useful an iPad would be as a wallet. Maybe on Macs and iPads the sensor will be used only for unlock? Anyway I agree with your other points. It's really looking like Apple may have...
 Honestly Android is helping Google on the service side. Remember that Google makes more money from ads accessed by iOS devices than Android devices. So their plan at mobile domination hasn't worked even if they currently have more device activations. 
  Agreed. Honestly Google never had to join the smartphone fray, and I think the entire Android debacle will be looked at as a mistake decades from now.  The concept of a services or software only company is not a bad concept and it worked for Google before, and still currently works well for IBM, Cisco, and the like. Likewise Microsoft still does well on the services and software side. Yes Apple has a great ecosystem that can't be beat, but I don't think every company on...
 I've been wondering the same thing
 I'm hoping we see Apple implement NFC and iWallet or Passbook payments Sept 10th. That would be HUGE unexpected news.
I'm hoping this doesn't put a damper on iPhone launch sales in China on the other 2 carriers.    Hopefully this rumor isn't true and the 5C will be compatible with China Mobile's entire spectrum so that it can launch promptly Sept 20.
 I don't think Apple will use a half assed attempt such as stretching the iPhones 1136x640 screen to 4.7 inches and dropping the DPI. Apple will likely start from the ground up to make something spectacular. Obviously this year would have been too soon to introduce a new screen size because its only been a year since they increased the screen for the 5. Apple seems to like giving developers 2 years to adjust to new paradigms. First the App Store with iPhone 3G/3GS, then...
I agree.It won't be like any other smartphone ever seen.All display on the front surrounded by a chamfered metal trim. No buttons no visible camera no bezels. Just a smooth glass surface surrounded by beautiful metal.That's what I envision the 5 inch screen iPhone being. Probably a little shorter than the 5 and not much wider. If apple makes the device thinner that would help negate any added width.
 I'm sure global numbers will skyrocket with the 5S/5C this upcoming year, but I'm curious if US numbers will see a similar bump? But I know if Apple markets the 5C right, we could possibly see another iPod phenomenon with the 5C this Christmas in the US. If the 5C becomes the must have Christmas gift Apple is sure to take a huge bite out of Android marketshare even in the US.
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