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 I'm hoping that's not it.
 At least from what I've heard from Apple store employees and read online, the 5S seems to have had higher demand and higher sales this weekend than the 5C. But if these Walmart stories are true, the 2 phones could have a more even split than we're thinking. Also depends on what the international picture looks like. I think the 5S sold better overseas which would push it's sales total higher than the 5C.
 Another benefit to plastic, is it's easy to mold into different shapes and sizes. Apple could easily unveil an all "new" C form factor next year as a companion to the iPhone 6.
 I went back to my local Apple store again today. 5S are all sold out, and 5Cs were selling out one by one. Today there were crowds around the 5Cs and people of all ages purchasing them. I decided to look at them again, and I will say they are nice. I still prefer the look and feel of my 3GS over the 5C, but when the 5C has a color matched dynamic wallpaper it looks really good. The wallpaper makes a huge visual difference and impact with the 5C, and I like the black glass...
Apple probably won't lower the price, but they'll probably allow carriers to offer 5Cs on BOGOs and "free" during that season.Someone else mentioned in another thread awhile ago that this may be Apple's strategy. Offer specials, deals, and discounts (via carriers of course) for the 5C but keep the 5S at full price throughout the year. That would be a better profit proposition for all involved unlike last year when the more expensive 5 was being discounted pretty quickly...
Yes the "selected group" of 5S buyers may not have been the best barometer to gauge 5C interest and opinion, but think about it.Those lined up are likely Apple's biggest enthusiasts and supporters. If they don't like what their seeing with the 5C shouldn't that be considered significant.Most didnt like that it was plastic because that's what is the common detractor and argument against Samsung/Android products. Some even said "What's the point of its existence?" Apple...
I personally wouldn't be surprised if 5C sold well at places like Walmart. The shoppers there probably wouldn't know the difference between the 5C and 5S, and the $100 difference would be seen as a "significant" savings.
To each their own I suppose.The 5C didn't feel special to me, unlike the 3G/3GS that IMO felt expensive and like nothing else I'd ever touched.Also the 5C looked odd in person. Very much just like an iPhone in a plastic case, especially since at my store they all had the space iOS 7 background and the not the color specific ones.But as I said to each their own.
I heard something similar at my store. iPhone 5Cs remain in stock with very little interest or sales.It may do better after launch but it's definitely not been the "global sensation that would strip sales from Android" many of us had hoped for.
For the price it really should have been anodized aluminum.People would be more willing to pay a premium for higher quality materials.Unlike the reviews that said the 5C felt ceramic or high end, in my opinion it simply just felt and looked like plastic to me.Definitely didn't feel or look as premium as the 3G/3GS. For $99/$549 it doesn't seem like a good deal and I think other smart consumers feel the same way.Only market I see Apple catching with the 5C are impulsive...
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