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I believe there are already licensing deals in place for all of those patents so nothing is really going to change for the greater landscape.But maybe Microsoft will bolster Bing with Navteq maps now. A better mapping client would bring Bing closer to competing with Google.
If Ballmer was going to leading this long term that is exactly what would happen.But maybe the next CEO will be more competent?Who knows but as of now this will be another write off for Microsoft.
Good for them....Honestly if Ballmer was still going to be the long term CEO this would be bad news all around but maybe the next in line CEO can make the best of Nokia.
As I said 3 phones are whipping nearly 3000 Android phones asses. If you combined HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Moto Flagship they still would compare to iPhone sales in the US.The majority of the 51% Android phones are Cricket and Boost Mobile phones anyway. If you look at the carriers iPhone holds more than 50% share on each.
You do know there are only 3 iPhones versus 3000 different Androids right?So yes the iPhone is more popular.
Sept 10 can't come soon enough.
5C will change the landscape in a few months. After Apple's stylish marketing blitz the 5C and 5S will be the 2 top selling smartphones in the world bringing Apple's market share and mind share higher in places where this years iPhone lineup was too expensive.
  That's what I was thinking. It's crazy how a 12 year old OS still has over 1/3rd of the market. I wonder how much it costs Microsoft to support XP till 2014?
  I forecast that the Champagne (if not the graphite model) will be the most popular color for 5S in North America as well. People will want their all new iPhone 5S to stand out from all of iPhone 5s out there, so they will probably opt for the new color/colors rather than last years Slate and Silver models.
  I think the 5C will be marketed just like the iPods.   It's interesting that there will probably not be any new iPods this year, so maybe Apple plans to use the 5C as it's fun youth driven market product for the holiday shopping season.   The 5C will presumably be cheap enough to be bought out right as a gift (under $400), and it'll sport the fun and new iOS 7 right out of the box. Sounds like the perfect gift, and maybe Apple will throw in some surprise parental...
New Posts  All Forums: