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Thanks! That's awesome!Could you possibly post a demo of it here?
 I'm definitely buying a 5S and a new case as well! I don't agree that this design is a failure or too fragile. It's the most beautiful phone ever made and the shine around the finger print sensor makes it even more luxurious and lust worthy! I can't wait 
I mentioned $200 Nokias and Androids to add context, which a lot of people here are lacking.$400 is NOT cheap for a phone as some here are now saying. Actually some of you were saying $400 was the right price before Tuesday because its high enough for Apple to make a profit but low enough to differentiate it from their premium offering.We all can agree Apple will never make a cheap bargain phone. But a midtier phone? We all assumed that's what Apple would give us. I don't...
We'll see what happens.I think the 5C is a great device for the wrong price. In the US it'll probably do well because Americans are blinded by subsidized price models. Overseas though I'm not too sure.To spin your question another way, if Apple offers a lower price 5C before next year would you eat your words?
You obviously know no more than I do.If Nokia's can sell high end plastic phones for $200-300. Apple could have made a profitable 5C for less than $550.No one here knows the build cost for this phone. The manufacturing costs are obviously lower than the 5/5S and its internals are all old as well.IMO with the little we do know the phone could have been profitable for less than $550.
A $400 phone is no where close to the analogy of a $15,000 BMW.$400 is still a lot of money. Remember most Android phones are $200 or less.A plastic iPhone could have and should have been a profitable venture for Apple and could have been $400 no problem.
The arguments in this thread are laughable. The reason why the 5C is considered a failure is because it will fail to expand the iPhone's market reach beyond where it already is (ie subsidized carriers and wealthy consumers). The hope investors and many posters here and abroad had was the 5C would be the iPhone to reach people that couldn't access an iPhone before (ie expand the iPhone's market reach). The 5C won't do that at all. IMO it has the potential to steal 5S...
I wish it was still an option.Makes better use of the parallax effect than a standard picture.
Exactly.I don't understand why some commenters here won't admit that this is a bad deal for consumers. Apple's motive wasn't to make the best product for consumers but rather to make the best product to pad they're cash pile.The plastic 5C could have been sold off contract for much less and Apple still could have made a fat profit from each model sold. But rather they decided to screw us all over and collect a higher margin than they normally would on their mid tier phone.
It is for the colorful.They'd be happier with new color options than spec bumps.Apple may update processors but then the nomenclature gets messy and confusing quickly.That's why I postulated they could simply drop the price add a few more colors and leave it as is.But with iOS 7 and presumably 8 going 64 bit maybe that won't be an option and they'll have to make a 5CS?
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