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I could see that.It was hilarious how young teenage girls were screaming over how cute the pink 5C was.Adults and parents didn't get it, especially with the 5S only a little more expensive.
I also think the 5C is helping 5S sales.If Apple had the iPhone 5 at $99 more people would settle for a phone almost as fast that looks the same.Now with the 5C looking different and being plastic consumers are deciding they "might as well" pony up the extra $100 for the 5S rather than settling.Probably not the expected outcome but it's good for Apple I would assume.
I stood in line yesterday and bought my 5S directly from my apple store. Best smartphone I've ever owned. Today there were still lines of people waiting for 5S. Here are my quick observations: There was very little interest in the 5C except from children. The 5C looked and felt like plastic. Not my cup of tea and that was a major negative point from other adults I talked to at the store. Most 5C that actually sold (and even the Apple employees admitted it was a slow...
 As cute as the 5c is, when turned off it really looks like an iPhone 5 in a blue case. Not a bad thing I suppose, but interesting nonetheless.
At least the stock was up on the iOS 7 release yesterday.That was a HUGE opportunity for a sell off but not even the worst analyst could manipulate the massive positive reaction iOS 7 was getting from MILLIONS of users online.
Kuo was freakishly accurate with the 5s, 5c, and 4S. NO ONE here believed his analysis of the 5c replacing the 5 in the lineup and the 4S living on, but lo and behold that's exactly what we saw.I think Gene speculated that the iPhone 5 would live on and the 5c would replace the 4S?Either way I think Kuo is on track with his guesstimate of 6-8 million phones for this weekend. Gene's 5-6 million was far too low of a guess considering the seeming pent up demand for new iPhones.
 They likely will have more 5C's available this weekend than 5S's. As far as 5C sales this weekend though, two questions come to my mind: How many 5C buyers will actually camp out overnight, or rush out to purchase a 5C over this weekend How many 5S buyers will buy a 5C instead either because they prefer the 5C or are unable to get a 5S Side note: I find it curious Apple seems to have put all of their ad spending into the 5C releasing quite a few promotionals for the...
 I think we're going to see a lot of that over this weekend.   Tim Cook is a master at inventories. I doubt there is less stock of 5Ss than there were of 5s a year ago. I'm assuming just as a year ago there will be 5 million 5Ss ready launch weekend, but demand this year for the 5S being greater will more quickly outstrip supply. That will leave plenty of 5Cs for customers desperate to have the latest iPhone to fight over. I think we could easily see upwards of 8-9 million...
Great continuity between the OS and hardware. That's what Apple is all about and it's something Samsung or Android will never be able to replicate. Posted via iOS 7
Siri was definitely a flashier more talked about feature especially with consumers than Touch ID is now.
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