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 I'm sure global numbers will skyrocket with the 5S/5C this upcoming year, but I'm curious if US numbers will see a similar bump? But I know if Apple markets the 5C right, we could possibly see another iPod phenomenon with the 5C this Christmas in the US. If the 5C becomes the must have Christmas gift Apple is sure to take a huge bite out of Android marketshare even in the US.
Wait till OS XI. That'll likely be billed as the biggest update to OS X since inception.
Apple's current combo of iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 has been killer the past 12 months. I'm hoping the 5S/5C combo gain traction throughout the next 12 months and break  records here in the US as well.
 But an October release means it'll likely be launched alongside the new iPads. So instead of getting lost in iPhone hoopla it'll get lost in the iPad frenzy! Anyway, I'm still hoping for iWorks 2013 for Mac and iPad to be unveiled unless we have to wait until next year for a new iWork?
Short answer: No.HTC is a company that's been seeing its sales DECLINE all year and is bleeding money every quarter. Why would Apple want that?
If I remember correctly Palm was the first post-iPhone smartphone to use an entirely touch sensitive front panel that surrounded their multitouch screen?Anyway my point was with the screen tech available today Apple is likely planning on completely overturning the market with their larger iPhone.It won't look like an HTC or Samsung. It will be the ultimate minimalist look with no buttons or distractions at the front of the phone.Simply a screen operated by virtual buttons...
Yeah I think the 5C will start at 8GB but likely have more storage options.If the 5 is discontinued I could see Apple having 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB 5C models ranging from $350-$550.You make great points.Since it seems Apple has not handicapped the 5C (which is a good thing) there's less differentiation other than materials used.A 2 tier product structure would make sense and Apple can use various storage options to bridge all the pricing gaps from $350-$850.
Apple could get the same affect by encouraging the purchase of additional iCloud storage.I'm able to manage 25GB of apps songs and videos on a 16GB device today.Tech savvy Chinese will have no problem navigating iCloud. I'm pretty sure they can use it for storage even without iTunes Match?Regardless this is a $300 smartphone we're taking about. There are bound to be trade offs.
Because the 5C is not an iPod? Also the current iPhone 4 is only 8GB and it currently make up 25% of iPhone sales. I don't think an entry level phone needs to be more than that.Actually after my 16GB iPhome reached capacity I had to purchase additional space on iCloud so that I could still have access to all my content on the go.That's another upsale advantage for Apple. But I do agree the premium handset needs to START at 32GB and go up from there.
It's just a matter of time before Apple goes with a buttonless design with virtually no "chin" or space above and below the screen.Apple already has patents for capacitative touch panels with virtual buttons. The technology is there because Palm over 5 years ago pioneered a fully touch enabled surface around a multitouch screen on the Pre. Tech has come a long way since the Pre and I'm sure Apple can do some unique things with capacitative touch and gestures to operate the...
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