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  Agreed. The 5C looks better than I thought it would. Not my personal cup of tea, but still better than the Lumia and most candy-colored Androids.   As far as price, I find it interesting that these phones come with the tool to unlock the SIM card. Currently only unlocked iPhones come with that tool, so I'm guessing Apple expects to sell a lot of these 5Cs unlocked. That being the case under $400 is definitely where the price would need to be for the majority of these to...
  The 5C is quite a bit thicker than the 5 though, so maybe Apple does plan to feature a user removable battery? That would make sense for China and India as well.
9to5 and some others think this particular leak is simply an iPhone 5 in a red case.   But  i don't see how the real 5C won't look like a disjointed iPhone 5 in a case. There's no chrome ring like the 3G/3GS had to unify the plastic and glass portions, so I'm thinking even the final 5C will look awkward at first. Maybe it'll look better in person?
Yeah I'm guessing we won't see anymore UI changes and the icons are probably staying as is.
I'm glad AI is finally calling this color pink an not trying to convince us it's pastel red. I'm thinking all of those nasty looking "red" phones were really this nice hot pink color. Maybe we will see an actually product red model next week but those previous leaks were pink not red.
Another point you made in a past thread about Apple choosing black fronts to contrasts with the iPod Touches is making a lot is sense as well.People won't accidentally buy an iPhone 5C when they wanted a Touch because they will look completely different in all of Apple's marketing material.
Looks surprisingly good. I wonder if Apple will ship each unit with a plain solid color background matching the backplane as seen on the sticker? That would be nice as the whole interface of iOS 7 will pick up that color scheme so that the entire phone's interface matches the color of the phone.
  iPhone 1 was REVOLUTIONARY at it's time.    Remember all that was out were Crackberrys and Windows Phones?   In comparison the iPhone looked like nothing else, and in my opinion STILL LOOKS GREAT.   The ugliest iPhone?   The White iPhone 3GS.   The White plastic with the black glass front looked so tacky to me.   I'm hoping the 5C looks better though.
  Yeah someone must have already thought that date was widely known judging by how the note was worded.   Anyway, I'm thinking September 10th will be the GM, which makes sense since Nuance is referencing developers with this note. The wide release of iOS 7 will probably coincide with the iPhone launch.
  Agreed, and I think that blue 5C will look good with the black glass front panel
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