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I agree sapphire wouldn't be a major selling point for the 6S. I'm actually curious what Apple will do to differentiate the 6S from the 6 though.I would assume optical image stabilization will come to the smaller model and maybe more RAM as well but what will the distinguishing feature be?Likely not sapphire because consumers could care less.
Uneventful compared to the iPhone and AppleWatch event.Although a retina iMac would be ground breaking the tech press only cares about Apple's iDevices. So in their minds it would be a boring event if Apple's major innovations came from the Mac side. But I expect Apple to also release a larger iPad alongside the Mac updates.I also think we'll hear a lot about ApplePay at the event. ApplePay announcements will also keep investors happy, which is a plus.
NFC is already in Europe and Asia. Apple simply has to get banks overseas to agree to their terms, which should be easy since US banks said the terms were favorable, and after the terms are agreed upon ApplePay should work with existing NFC terminals.I think ApplePay's rollout will be much faster than iTunes Radio because for ApplePay the infrastructure is already there and most banks are willing to move to secure mobile payments.Don't be surprised if we see Canadian,...
The October event will probably be rather uneventful compared last weeks event but here are my guesses: New iPads in 3 sizes. iPad Air and iPad Plus get split screen multi-tasking. All iPads get Touch ID. New retina iMacs and retina thunderbolt displays. DiscoverCard partnership announced for Apple Pay. Global bank partnerships announced. iPhone launch in china announced. No AppleTV, no iPods, and no MacBooks.
This makes sense. There doesn't seem to be much of an upside to sapphire compared to Apple's new ion-infused glass anyway. People would rather a screen that is lighter, clearer, brighter, and less prone to shattering anyway. As far as apple's partnership with GT, demand for iPhone 6, iPads, and the future Watch could all exhaust the sapphire supply without even adding iPhone screen panels to the mix.
 I foresee the same. Next year I think we'll see an iPhone Mini likely in various colors to serve as the new entry level iPhone and with that announcement there will really be no room left for iPods in the lineup, well other than the $50 Shuffle. Maybe Apple will keep the Shuffle as an accessory and maybe add bluetooth to it? Or maybe an iPod Shuffle type device could be a "Beats" branded music accessory once Apple moves forward with the watch?  Interesting idea, and it's...
I think Apple Pay is still compatible with all of the major contact free payment solutions so this is a non-issue in the US, and I think the global rollout will be fast and smooth since Apple already has a partnership in place with VISA and MC. At Apple's website it says you can use ApplePay at any POS terminal with this logo, which is the common logo for contact-less payments used by the big 3 card companies.
I was thinking the same. This 4 million is WITHOUT CHINA.This iPhone launch is going to be amazing
I don't think the purpose of Continuity was to shrink the iPhone. The overall goal was to add more stickiness to the entire platform and encourage iPhone buyers to buy Macs and iPads.As for the AppleWatch you don't need to have your iPhone with you if you're on a run or working out. Yes the device doesn't have GPS but it has sensors to track movement and I'm assuming those sensors could be used in the same way as a pedometer to track distance. So if you're a runner or just...
I agree and I'm surprised apple didn't stylize the iPhone plus name like this iPhone 6+.Regardless with "Plus" as a moniker now in the mix I think that's more likely a name option for the big iPad over Pro.
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