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 There will be no backwards compatibility of Apple Pay because Apple wants you to buy an Apple Watch for that. Also I would assume that iPads will not get NFC, because they don't have Passbook. What would be nice is if Apple allowed people to pair iPads and/or Macs with the Watch instead of an iPhone. That way users can take advantage of all of the features without having to have a smartphone and data plan.
 The watch is water-resistant which is what 90% of watches are. There are very few that could be termed "water-proof", so in the bigger scheme the Apple Watch is what people expect from a luxury or sport watch. Good in the rain and with sweat, but not a scuba companion. I doubt the Watch will be upgraded more often than once a year (unless next year version 2.0 comes out in the fall). But I agree that the bands may be upgraded more seasonally, so that people can always...
Funny thing is I see people with those cards go up to card readers and swipe them because they don't know they can wave it at the card reader. Honestly for a payment card I'm not sure if waving it at a card reader is any faster than simply swiping it though?
Most of the previous Wallet/iPhone-cases were bulky and thick because they were made to carry 5 or more cards. Now I assume those cases will be much slimmer because most payment cards can now be kept digitally in passbook.
Overall everyone will win from this. Credit card issuers make money every time a consumer uses their card and if consumers decide to use their cards more often because of the ease of Apple Pay then Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover will be happy. For merchants I'm assuming the fees will be about the same as normal, but they will benefit from higher end Apple customers frequenting their stores moreso than stores that don't support NFC or "Apple Pay technology". Myself...
I imagine you could get a slim case that includes a clip for 2 cards. Your ID and insurance card. No more need carry a wallet at all.
I'm certainly not saying Apple should adopt the Netflix model, but I mention them because they have been losing content deals to big media and have had trouble securing new deals. Same can be said of Amazon and Hulu.If Apple were to put effort into it they could transform TV forever. Whether that be through a TV set or maybe a redesigned set top box. Media is all about content and if Apple can get the content without the need for a cable subscription Apple would...
It seems that after Steve died, Apple completely stopped pushing for media partnerships to make their entertainment system work. If credit card companies are willing to bend over for Apple I'm surprised they couldn't use their clout in entertainment to get deals with all of the major media outlets for a true 21st century entertainment experience. I can imagine it would be difficult since Netflix is having such a hard time trying to do the same, but I imagine If anyone can...
It's not just marketing. Apple and others have made so many worthwhile use cases for smartphones that they've become an integral part of many peoples lives moreso than laptops, computers, and tablets.
So true. But it also makes it difficult for Apple to replicate that type of success.Even with the iPod and iPad both started hot, but eventually consumers stopped upgrading them as often likely because they didn't feel the need to. Neither product has become a necessity in the way smart phones have become.One category that will always be a standard appliance for most people are TV sets and Apple seems mum about its efforts in TV going forward.
New Posts  All Forums: