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I think a bigger iPad is a given. Probably the iPad plus.
I agree that there is still plenty of room for innovation for Apple with the iPods. But what I think is difficult is the fact that the Apple watch steals the wearable segment that made Nanos and Shuffles so popular, and with the iPhone 5C now "free" I don't see much of a place for the Touch since most parents will likely buy 5Cs for their kids instead of iPods (i saw that quite a few times last year when the 5C was $99).But I am extremely curious what Apple will do with...
 They have the aluminum and stainless steel models for mass-market appeal. It's great that they added a gold model for the Watch since watches are more fashion focused items than phones anyway.
 Add rappers into the mix as well. I expect to see Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Dr Dre, and others from the "Beats" side all rocking gold Apple Watches in music videos and photoshoots. Many of those types won't care if they have to buy a new one 12 months after spending $2k on one.
 I would imagine their teenage children would be the ones buying and flaunting off their brand new gold Apple Watches every year. I'm not saying smart money will be buying the gold model in droves, but there is certainly a big enough market of people that can and will buy new gold Apple watches every year simply to show it off.  Not to sound offensive but I think the gold model will do well in Dubai and China, as well as, in Southern California and Manhattan.
 The gold model wasn't made for the middle class. It was made for people that can afford to buy a new $2000 watch every year. Apple made the regular and sport versions for middle class consumers. I don't think the short the technological shelf life of the device is going to be a problem.
The sport model will be the base model, but aside from that Apple may use this opportunity to price the gold model way high.The gold model may be sold exclusively at jewelry and high end department stores while the other models are sold at electronics stores next to iPhones and iPads.That could explain all the retail hires. Apple may want to try to get this watch in places apple products aren't currently sold such as Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, and banana republic.If that's...
I think we're going to see a pretty large spread in price for the watch, for better or worse. Here's my guess: $349 38mm Sport $399 42mm Sport $449 38mm Watch $499 42mm Watch $949 38mm Edition $999 42mm Edition Sports Bands $40 Leather/Metal bands $60
And the hype train just keeps rolling. Tim Cook knows how to keep anticipation up!
 Oh I know Apple uses NFC, but to the consumer they're thinking Apple Pay is something special, hence why I said consumers that own iPhone 6/+ will gravitate toward retailers that accept Apple Pay (i.e. NFC). I used Walgreens and CVS as an example because I didn't know CVS had NFC readers, but my other examples Staples vs OfficeMax, Petco vs Petsmart, McDs vs Burger King I believe that will still yield true until every retailer small and large accepts NFC payment.
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