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Some of the early rumors about the gold iPhone said that the gold model was replacing the black model.But it seems now rumors are saying that the black model will probably live on as well. Let's hope it does anyway!
I hope apple unveils the iWatch sooner rather than later. I'm tired of hearing about the Samsung galaxy gear
From all the leaks the"gold" color doesn't really look gold.It looked to me more like a champagne color which could be nice and high end when paired with white glass.
I wonder if the technology from Matcha could be used to create a sort of iTunes radio TV model. One where your stations are based on either a general genre or your favorite show. Why hasn't anyone come up with a concept where you can watch a comedy station of TV shows back to back to back with no interruption just like pandora or iTunes radio for music. Likewise a cop drama station or stations based on yor fav shows or your preferences. That would completely redefine...
There's no need for Apple to move to a smaller plug yet.The iPod Touch is already much thinner than the iPhone and its still able to support a 3.5mm audio connector. Unless the iPhone 6 is slimmer than that the 3.5mm isn't going anywhere.And honestly Apple would probably ditch audio plug ins altogether and rely solely on Bluetooth before even contemplating migrating their devices to 2.5mm audio connectors.
It's funny how the rumors have been all over the place for the Mini! But it looks like the closer to October we're getting the more everyone seems to be saying a Retina model is coming. Of course we should take every rumor we see with a grain of salt, but I'm thinking we will see a retina model this fall alongside the iPad 5!
3rd reason appears to be the price which is an area Apple will not compete thankfully.It seems most rumors are saying Retina is coming this fall which is good news.
The retina Mini better get a 10/10 at all of these review houses then. If not then everyone will know how full of it these shills are.
Yup.Basic stock manipulation done "legally" so the SEC doesn't care.As I said above Apple is pretty predictable which is a blessing and curse. A blessing because we all know when new iPhones and software are coming, but a curse for the same reason.All of these investors already know Septemeber through January is Apple's golden hour every year. This year they decided to cash in on that by depressing the stock from February till now so that they could buy shares at a...
I find it funny that a lot of people here think that the only way to differentiate the 5C from the 5S is to make the 5C ugly so that the 5S looks more attractive next to it.Well how about differentiate the phones by making the 5C excellent and beautiful in its own regard with an anodized aluminum exterior, and then making the 5S that much better with innovations that are so lust worthy even the capable beautiful 5C pales in comparison!You people seem to have forgotten what...
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