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Even so it seems like a very limited app.I guess it would add some usefulness to Apple TV, but I imagine the connection to TV sources outside of iTunes would be cut off in Apple's iteration.Wouldn't that just make the software "Genius with a link to twitter"? It doesn't sound so special to me especially in Apple's hands.I'm sure before when it was a genius style information aggregator from multiple online sources it was useful. But do you think Apple will keep the links to...
It doesn't look like it did much.Seems kinda like a Genius feature for TV.I'm not sure if it was significantly better than Genius or what Apple plans to do with the company's technology.
I doubt Ping is coming back in any form
That pretty much sums it up. I wonder what they will say when Apple blows every other tech company out of the water this fall with the cheap iPhone and new iPads.
Never gonna happen.The current 4S situation is nothing like the iPad 2 situation.
Fixed it for you.
... which were discontinued in favor of a metal glass design years ago... Yup.
I never said these weren't going to sell well.Of course a cheaper iPhone is going to sell better than the more expensive one.Also I like the idea of a colorful new iPhone for Asian markets and the youth in western markets.But I don't know how you can say plastic will have an instance emotional heart connect with people.I could make the same statements and assumptions you've made, with the iPod touch. It feels great in the hand and has great colors. But are you suggesting...
The 5C will be far more profitable than a discounted 5 no matter how you look at it. For $550 Apple would make more money selling a 16GB or even 32GB 5C than a 16GB 5.The iPhone 5 is done after September 10th.
I disagree blackberry should have never gone android.The benefit of blackberry was a closed safe secure ecosystem. All the things android is not.If anything blackberry should have partnered with Microsoft and moved to windows phone with Nokia.
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