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We'll see how much Apple has been able to get the manufacturing and component price down so far.$199 is probably not feasible but honestly there are no good smartphones at that price anyway. Most decent Android phones start at $299.I think $350 for Apple could be a feasible starting price for a completely unlocked unsubsidized low end model. Yes that's $100 less than the 4 but we are expecting a far cheaper manufacturing process for this as well as some economy of scale...
Thanks!As I said above, Apple will probably err on the conservative side and price the 5C at the current 4/4S price points, but I'd like to see Apple more aggressive.I want to see an iPhone that the average joe can pick up at Walmart. Take home. Then activate on any carrier he wants from the comfort of iTunes on his computer. Or better yet activate it right from the phone!That's the game changing concept that Apple should be pushing. The iPhone 5C could be the phone that...
I'm not surprised there is all this chatter about investing in Apple. All of the big investors with an ounce of sense know that Apple is about to launch a HUGE product rollout starting in a month. All of these big investors bought low a few weeks and months ago without telling anyone and are now ready to ride the wave up to $700+. Funny thing is that it was these same investors that depressed the price down to $400 earlier this year so that they could gobble up stocks...
Even so it seems like a very limited app.I guess it would add some usefulness to Apple TV, but I imagine the connection to TV sources outside of iTunes would be cut off in Apple's iteration.Wouldn't that just make the software "Genius with a link to twitter"? It doesn't sound so special to me especially in Apple's hands.I'm sure before when it was a genius style information aggregator from multiple online sources it was useful. But do you think Apple will keep the links to...
It doesn't look like it did much.Seems kinda like a Genius feature for TV.I'm not sure if it was significantly better than Genius or what Apple plans to do with the company's technology.
I doubt Ping is coming back in any form
That pretty much sums it up. I wonder what they will say when Apple blows every other tech company out of the water this fall with the cheap iPhone and new iPads.
Never gonna happen.The current 4S situation is nothing like the iPad 2 situation.
Fixed it for you.
... which were discontinued in favor of a metal glass design years ago... Yup.
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