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I never said these weren't going to sell well.Of course a cheaper iPhone is going to sell better than the more expensive one.Also I like the idea of a colorful new iPhone for Asian markets and the youth in western markets.But I don't know how you can say plastic will have an instance emotional heart connect with people.I could make the same statements and assumptions you've made, with the iPod touch. It feels great in the hand and has great colors. But are you suggesting...
The 5C will be far more profitable than a discounted 5 no matter how you look at it. For $550 Apple would make more money selling a 16GB or even 32GB 5C than a 16GB 5.The iPhone 5 is done after September 10th.
I disagree blackberry should have never gone android.The benefit of blackberry was a closed safe secure ecosystem. All the things android is not.If anything blackberry should have partnered with Microsoft and moved to windows phone with Nokia.
If Apple brought out those iMacs today I don't think they would get the same response they got over 15 years ago.Today people would say they look cheap.Apple has brought tech into a new paradigm where the materials used for products actually matter.They made us change our minds about plastic 3 years ago with the introduction of the iPhone 4 and the replacement of the MacBook with the Air. Apple taught us that plastic is the past and aluminum and glass is the future.They...
You know Siri has probably cost Apple hundreds of millions of dollars? It is not free and the cost for the service is baked into every iPhone where Siri is equipped.
This argument reminds me of the arguments last year concerning Apple pricing the iPad Mini at $329 instead of $299.It probably made sense to them to get an extra $30 per device rather than price it below $300.It could be the same with the iPhone 5C. They may be able to price it lower than $350 but that doesn't mean that would be advantageous for them.
Yup.That's the same reason I doubt Samsung or any other smartphone hardware company has a chance in buying the whole company.The sale won't get interesting until blackberry decides to split their assets. At that point I could see Apple and Microsoft teaming up to buy blackberry's patent portfolio. Blackberry's device and software arms are dead though.
It's sort of the point that Apple wants people to buy newer devices eventually to support newer software.How would Apple gain any sales by all software working on a device for 10 years time or whatever. That's why PC sales are dying.
Exactly.When has Apple ever thought like that?Just because the competition sells $2000 plastic laptops has Apple thought, "heck why are we wasting all this money on aluminum when people are willing to spend the same for plastic!"Apple was the one who moved forward and away from plastic. Why would they look at the Galaxy and decide to go backward?
The pricing will likely be very simple and in line with Apple's current pricing strategy.My conservative guess is that the prices will be exactly where they are today:8GB 5C replaced the 8GB 4 at $45016GB 5C replaces the 16GB 4S at $55016-64GB 5S replaces the iPhone 5 at all of its price points from $650-$850.That's very simplistic and very likely. But my hope is that Apple will drive the price down further. I'd like to see:8GB 5C for $350 sold exclusively unsubsidized...
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