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I agree for the most part.To the average user there won't be much different from the 2 phones.I don't think Apple should strip Siri away but there has to be something other than the fingerprint sensor to make the 5S more desirable.Also I agree with an earlier point that Siri does involve a lot of underlying infastructure for Apple. Removing it could be a way of shrinking overall cost for the phone.But the same could be said of icloud I suppose. We'll see what the outcome...
Same could have been said of the iPad Mini but that didnt stop Apple.I agree that a plastic iPhone would be better for Apple's bottom line, but I personally feel it would be worse for the brand in the long run.I contend that at $450/€400 Apple can do better than this.
I'm honestly still hoping all of these leaks are fake but you've got to admit that with the consistency of the leaks the plastic 5C is looking to be a reality.Only question mark now is the price but I think Ming is probably right that the starting price will be around $450.As I said I'm hoping this is all wrong but at the same time I know the odds are pointing in favor of a $450 colorful plastic iPhone September 10th.
Apple should want to illicit desire with ALL of their products.Every single iPod from the $49 Shuffle to the $399 touch is sexy.The iPad Mini is SEXIER than the iPad.Why would Apple turn on their own philosophy and design pattern with their NUMBER ONE SELLING MOST PROFITABLE PRODUCT?A cheaper iPhone SHOULD represent the iPhone brand. It SHOULD be a lust worthy product that demands attention.All of this shit about the 5C having to be ugly in order to keep sales of the 5S up...
iWatch?Tim said 2014 was going to be a busy year...
The colors are fine enough.My qualm is with the choice of material.These iPhones would like look 1,000,000,000 times better if they were made of anodized aluminum regardless of what the color selection was.If apple can afford to use anodized aluminum on the $49 iPod Shuffle why would they resort to barf inducing plastic on a $450 iPhone?
We already know this will be priced high. $450 should he expected at this point.Would you pay that much for an all plastic phone with cheap ass buttons that feel like shit when you're toggling and pressing them?Apple could have accomplished both goals without resorting to this.Look at the iPod touch...
Barf... The one element that helped the 3G/3GS look and feel expensive were the metal nobs and switches. If Apple puts plastic buttons on this phone it will devalue the brand. Then it's really gonna look like Tim Cook sold out and doesn't care about Steve's values.
I could see Apple re-releasing the 17 inch MacBook Pro, if the bezels are reduced in the next model.   Honestly I don't know why the bezel is so big around the MacBook line. With the iPad's bezel getting trimmed I could see the same happening with the MacBooks.   A 17 inch could end up the same size as the current 15 inch and all other sizes would shrink comparably.
  The Chinese government partially owns China Mobile. I believe the other telecoms operate more independently of the government.
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