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  The iPhone is the only phone that has iOS, so it's a "fair" study.   I believe the IDC had a study comparing manufacturers that came out earlier as well.
  It's too soon to count Apple out. All of they're biggest releases are still forthcoming.   It's funny to me how it seems every Q2 we have the reports of "Apple is DOOMED" "iPhone is DEAD" almost daily.   Well I guess there truly is nothing new under the sun.
  Even so, they're sales will no doubt pick up with the release of iOS 7, iPhone 5S and potentially the iPhone 5C
  I think it would have the opposite affect.   The 4/4S will be viewed as an entirely different tier of device compared to the 5C.   The 5C is a simple cheap plastic design, the 4/4S is an intricate glass design.    There is a completely different value dynamic for both, and I think some would rather have a device known for being high end rather than a device known for being a cheap alternative.   It's why some people would rather shop at Plato's Closet over Walmart.
  I agree.   Honestly the old settings icons were one of my favorite features of iOS 7.   But the new ones are more functional, and make sense in the light of the third party icons that also populate the settings app.
I don't think Tim Cook and company are worried by these numbers. Apple has a lot of new product coming and that will push the needle back in their favor. Normally when a new iPhone comes, sales double. This year with the possibility of 2 new iPhone models, I think we could easily see iPhone sales triple. I expect the most robust increases will come from emerging markets with the affordable iPhone eating all the competition up.
Great. So now it looks even MORE like iOS. When will Scamdung ever learn?
I like the translucent logo. If Apple can get it to light up, it would be a cool feature to set the iPad apart from the generic competition.   I'm curious if Apple will add the "slate" look to the iPad or if they will keep the classic aluminum look?
I'm excited for the fall! iOS 7 GM version is going to be a bombshell, and I know all of the quirks are being polished and worked out. This will probably be Apple's biggest fall/holiday season ever....
Well this is just the beginning.With the iPhone 5C pretty much confirmed we're are going to see a very different Apple going forward.
New Posts  All Forums: