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  Even the vendors are losing money!
That's great numbers for the 5 on T-Mobile then!I think at AT&T and Verizon the 5 only makes up half of their iPhone shipments (25% of total smartphone shipments?), with the 4 and 4S making up the other half.
How are you not banned yet?
With every story and report, the upcoming plastic phone is looking like it WON'T be low cost. More like a midrange phone that'll be the same price as the iPhone 4. I guess €400 isn't so bad for a new iPhone. It's just hard to imagine paying $450 for a plastic iPhone, but at least it'll have the same specs as the iPhone 5. That means it should be better than pretty much every other smart phone available for the price.
You're over dramatizing the situation.Apple's market share is still growing in most parts of the world even with the higher price of their devices.The necessity for a bigger screen is overrated.Most of the Android phones that are outselling the iPhone are actually smaller cheaper devices. That means that the biggest selling "feature" for those phones is the price.The iPhone still handily outsells every 5 inch Android phone. Nothing has changed there.What's more important...
LOLWas that "department store" a dollar general?Sounds like people with no class.
It's actually really surprising T-Mobile had numbers like this.Every T-Mobile ad I see is for an Android device
  Last quarter sales in China and India dipped along with Apple's marketshare in those areas. In Russia the top carriers all dropped the iPhone. Those are the problems I'm talking about.
You can't forget the most important part of their talking point!   "Now I'm going to have to buy an Android, Windows, etc."
Everyone including Tim Cook knows the iPhone does well in the western world. It's been on top in the US and UK for a long time now. Where growth has been declining for Apple is the Eastern world such as Russia, China, and India. That's why their global share is shrinking. All that to say this issue will be addresses when the iPhone 5C comes out. I'm sure it will be positioned as the iPhone for everyone.
New Posts  All Forums: