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If you have an iPhone 4S or below view this pic full screen on your phone. Then you'll see what I'm talking about
Finally rumors that are working in Apple's favor
  Agreed, the Touch looks great. Very fresh, modern, and highly desirable.   I expect an A6 and new color options, probably to go with iOS 7 and the iPhone 5C.
I agree a lot of people are going to love iOS 7.I love the new features and the overall look has been getting better with each beta. By the time the GM is released we're going to have a fresh new OS that truly is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.Icon-gate was the initial reaction from some in the tech and design communities after Apple unveiled the new 1st party icons.Some of the drama has since subsided but reactions were all over the map when iOS 7 was first...
Agreed.Is more like a concise icons manifesto or something
Part of the problem I keep seeing with iOS 7's home screen is all the icons are bigger than their iOS 6 counterparts.To me that seems counterintuitive with their goal of highlighting a users background no matter how much parallax is going on.If the icons were the same size as iOS 6's they would look less ugly and garish.
I am see if Apple plans to build a house akin to Microsofts house of the future in Redmond Climate control seems strange because other apps already do that with the iPhone. Also I think Mercedes has an app on iPhone that is based on driver memory adjustments where you can automatically adjust the seat from your iPhone.
The Nexus is still not going to sell better than the Kindle or iPad. Most consumers have made up their mind and are buying Kindles and iPads in droves because they offer the best user experience and content. Something Google just doesn't get. The Mini will be fine whether retina or not because it is still a far batter tablet experience than the nexus. Also this year the big iPad will be making a comeback with its new smaller form factor. I'm sure that will actually...
Apple will still have the high end model for those that want to look cool and have the latest and greatest.
This move probably has more to do with Apple bringing out a new model soon than it has to do with the Chromecast.
New Posts  All Forums: