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The Nexus is still not going to sell better than the Kindle or iPad. Most consumers have made up their mind and are buying Kindles and iPads in droves because they offer the best user experience and content. Something Google just doesn't get. The Mini will be fine whether retina or not because it is still a far batter tablet experience than the nexus. Also this year the big iPad will be making a comeback with its new smaller form factor. I'm sure that will actually...
Apple will still have the high end model for those that want to look cool and have the latest and greatest.
This move probably has more to do with Apple bringing out a new model soon than it has to do with the Chromecast.
Preinstalled apps is probably not the biggest hurdle for the deal. Honestly if their app is on the App Store China Mobile employees can make downloading it part of the activation process at the Store which some US carriers already do. The issues probably have to do with subsidies and profits etc. The iPhone is already on the other carriers so it's not a China issue. I assume China Mobile will be more interested in adding the iPhone with the low cost model available....
Yup that's how I feel. It's a good update so far.As far as other concerns people had over the icons I think we may see changes in the GM version of the OS.A lot of the most controversial bits including the icons are getting polished and toned down with every beta release.
Overseas in the EU and Asia the Galaxy S4 is priced closer to the equivalent of $500 while the iPhone's starting price is anywhere from $700-800 depending on the country.As I said, in the US, S4s have been discounted from carriers since coming out. I was seeing ads for S4s being free with 2 year contract and even some with buy one get one sales. The S4 isn't even 6 months old and its already being given away!$1000+ iPhones dwarf sales of the Vertu.The point being that the...
I wouldn't consider Samsung as a major player in the high end smart phone market.Samsung's flagship phone the S4 consistently sells for hundreds of dollars less than the iPhone off contract and always has BOGO sales and deals on contract.Samsung is playing the mid tier market with so called premium phones.The only true high end smartphone is the iPhone and the truly rich don't want Android devices.
I disagree with making those submenus. When I want to decline a call I want to decline it. Sometimes I will want to send a message instead and now I can that simply right from the call screen.Can't we all agree this is a better solution than what we currently have?
While I agree its not perfect it's not that bad.It's a pretty nice solution for the feature without all of the washed out text that was in previous betas. That would have probably been harder to understand for some.
I don't think people need the opaque box anymore. Right when you put your finger on the lock screen of an iPhone with iOS 7 the whole screen moves with your finger.The system is literally intuitive enough where people will figure out without a tutorial that when they slide or swipe the device unlocks. The small arrow is just a bonus for people that are unsure.
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