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Yeah I'm thinking $350 is a good starting price for it.I can see this device having an entry level model that's only available in white, and only for sale unsubsidized.Possibly 8GB with maybe a 5MP camera and an A6 to help iOS 7 remain snappy.Then for $449 and $549 ($0 and $99 on 2 year contract) we'll have the colorful models with 16GB and 32GB storage and possibly 8MP cameras.The upsale of the higher storage colorful models will help keep margins high in general, while...
I honestly think now it looks more polished than before.
I like the rounded rectangles. Now the call interface looks less like Windows Phone 8 and more like iOS. Apple has always used rounded edged buttons in all of their OSs so this feels more Apple to me and easier to use.
Hoping to see this as a landmark feature for the iPhone 6. It's amazing this patent is 3 years old an technology hasn't been able to support this idea until now.
Tim Cook has been an amazing CEO so far. I'm glad to hear he continues to get his feet on the ground to see why Apple's sales are light rather than staying in an office in Cupertino speculating. Keep it up Tim, and get that China mobile deal finalized!
I'm assuming that's what will happen this fall.The main reason Apple may be discontinuing the iPhone 5 may not be because of production cost. Instead it could be because it lacks China Mobile support. Most likely Apple wants both new phones to support China Mobile's frequency bands in order to only have to sell 2 phones globally. Makes sense to me.China Mobile could give both phones the boost necessary to explain the anticipated production ramp up.
I'm not seeing the comparison.NFC is more like a DOA technology unlike flash which permeated the web Pre-iPad and is more akin to Microsoft, PCs and other dated dinosaur technology.That being said if Apple were to use NFC for their payment solution no one would trash the technology anymore.I do remember AuthenTec had quite a few NFC related patents that could be valuable to Apple combined with the patents they already have on the technology.
    Yeah that would be terrible.   You know if that were to happen, the "cheap" 5C would probably cost more than the 5S for us in the states? The price alone would eliminate any black/grey market for the device.   Anyway the whole point of the 5C is to replace the 4/4S with a modern device, so it will obviously be a global phone not a regional phone.
    True, but if we are to believe the statistics, the high end iPhone makes up 50% of sales currently. With the "5C" supposedly replacing both low end options we can assume it could make up 50% or more of total iPhone sales.   If the 5C gains additional traction in markets where the 4/4S weren't able to do well, that would push the 5C to a higher percentage of overall iPhone sales than the higher end model.   I think the 5S will do well, and I will certainly be buying...
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