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The response seems to be positive overall at less techy sites though. Most consumers seem to be excited about the Apple Watch as well as Apple Pay.The Apple Watch may not be an iPhone sized success (especially if the prices are on the higher end) but I think it will do much better than other smart watches have done. Sales may be more in line with the iPod and iPad rather than the iPhone simply because watches are accessories not necessities.
Primarily good for Apple because the millions of watch and 6/+ buyers are going to use Apple Pay for everything and Apple will be making a cut from each purchase.It was genius for Apple to add Pay to the Apple Watch because now buyers of the 5s/5c that can't upgrade to 6/+ can purchase the Watch in order to use Apple Pay.That'll help boost Watch sales as well as Apple Pay adoption all of which means more $$$ for Apple.
As far as fit, finish, and software the Apple Watch is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I'm glad they pushed the boundaries with high end materials and customization for the watch. I will most definitely buy one next year so that I can take advantage of Apple Pay with my 5S until I can upgrade to the 6S next fall.
They made a f***ing gold version and you're saying they didn't focus on the jewel aspect of the watch? Unbelievable.As Jony said Switzerland is f***ed!
I'm not convinced these leaks are real iPhone 6s, but regardless I'm loving the new design. Slim, sleek, and sexy. 
Nothing to see here folks... Oh I didn't know you already saw the final iWatch? Honestly everyone should wait 24 hours before freaking out (one way or the other).
 That's not iOS 8. It's fake and that can be proven by the irregularities in the OS. I don't doubt that the final iPhone will look similar to this, but trust me, NO ONE has gotten their hands on a working device this year before the event, which is good for Apple. Tim Cook didn't lie when he said they were doubling down on secrecy.
Nothing to see here folks...
 Inductively or wirelessly. I think that's the only way for Apple to achieve the practical thinness needed for a wrist worn device. Also I doubt there will be any sort of audio jack.
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