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  Ugly.    The more I see these edge to edge concepts the more I detest them.
I've heard many first hand stories of people going to Verizon to buy an iPhone but being convinced to buy an Android phone instead.Tim Cook seems to agree this is a legitimate problem because he commented on their anti-iPhone practices at Apples latest retail meeting.
That's what they get for telling their retail employees to push Androids and turn people away from iPhones.
An article that has nothing to do with iWatch or iPhone. Hmmm ok AI. Keep the spin machine and link baiter humming
Could be because iPads aren't included? Are iPads included in the other reports?Also Samsung has phones with their own OS, Windows, and Android.
Typical sales drop before the new model probably played a part in this, along with Samsung continuing to give away their devices. The 5S, iOS 7, and potential low cost iPhone will see Apple put Samsung back in their place and crush the rest of the competition.
People are taking issue with the price because of the plastic not because of the candy colors.But as has been pointed out the Lumia is a $500 candy colored plastic phone that seems to be selling ok.I think this will sell well even if it were plastic, but if its aluminum this phone could be game changing for Apple.A colorful high end aluminum smartphone for $300-$400? It'll sell like gangbusters and get iOS in the hands of millions more people all over the world.
+1As others have said plastic wont save them much money anyway so I don't see what the point would be.I could see an aluminum iPhone with rounded edges being very popular and profitable for Apple.If the cheaper phone is aluminum I could see Apple simply branding this new phone as simply "iPhone" and the 5S and subsequent higher end models as "iPhone Pro".Plastic simply doesn't fit in Apple's ethos and it doesn't fit with anything else they sell.
I'm still convinced these are fake.    Could even be red herrings planted by Apple in their quest to double down on security.   Will a cheaper iPhone happen? Yes. Will it come this fall? Very likely.   Apple has done a great job of keeping their largest projects quiet so far this year, up until the unveil, so I honestly think this year will have more surprises then we're expecting.    I'm standing by my prediction for an aluminum low cost iPhone this...
All good points.One thing I will say is the cost of components in general has fallen and this year is probably the first where a cheaper iPhone could ever work.Today Apple can use older components that are more than powerful enough for the average user.We see how they did that with the iPad Mini using iPad 2 components but still being fast and compatible with the latest iOS. There is no lack of performance for most users even though it uses 2-3 year old tech.If an iPhone...
New Posts  All Forums: