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  Now THAT would be something.
  Yup the Lock Screen looks good to me.     It definitely looks less confusing, so that would make it an improvement in usability at least.
The iPhone Color is going to double Apple's share in a lot of these countries.
  I'm sure there will be options in Settings for how you want to use the fingerprint unlock. It would be wise to still have a passcode option especially if you have someone else using your phone.
It's easier to double down on leaks of a product that isn't being mass produced at all. I'm sure closer to the unveil of the iWatch we'll see different parts leak from the factory.
Yup.This is a sad day for Apple IMO.We'll see what the finished product looks like but as of right now I am very disappointed.Oh well let's just hope these phones are $299 each.
He's probably putting all his energy in the super secret iWatch project. This could be good news as far as that initiative. He'll be leading that team with laser focus now.No this has nothing to do with iOS 7
If he were ill or passed away that'd be national news, so I'm assuming that's no the case.That doesn't make much sense either. Even if he weren't working in the US he still works for Apple. That's not a reason to remove him from the US page IMO
True.I guess it is strange for him to leave a whole year early? Now I'm hoping its just a mistake on the website.
According to rumors Mansfield was working on the iWatch wearable device, in some capacity, after Tim brought him back. Maybe this means that the device is completed or at least nearing completion, and Tim is allowing him to leave now?
New Posts  All Forums: