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If he were ill or passed away that'd be national news, so I'm assuming that's no the case.That doesn't make much sense either. Even if he weren't working in the US he still works for Apple. That's not a reason to remove him from the US page IMO
True.I guess it is strange for him to leave a whole year early? Now I'm hoping its just a mistake on the website.
According to rumors Mansfield was working on the iWatch wearable device, in some capacity, after Tim brought him back. Maybe this means that the device is completed or at least nearing completion, and Tim is allowing him to leave now?
We'll probably see the iPod line die before a Lightning iPod Classic ever comes.
All the colors for this plastic iPhone look like different shades of baby puke.THIS is another reason why the iPhone Color should be aluminum and not plastic.
  For me it has more to do with what Apple is doing to their brand. As an enthusiast for Apple, a cheap looking plastic phone does concern me.   Contrary to some others, I have always supported the idea of a cheaper iPhone and I supported the idea of the iPad Mini unlike some other enthusiast here.   But my vision of a cheaper iPhone is NOT cheap looking plastic. Why wouldn't Apple instead just use the anodized aluminum they have been using in their $50 iPods? Whats with...
True.Apple has done a lot of unexpected things over the past 12 months.I'm very curious what we'll see from the iPhone event this fall...
I've thought about that but it's been a decade since the iPod Color so I don think that would be too confusing for people.Also "Color" would be the least tarnishing moniker for this device compared to Lite, Cheap, Budget, etc.
Fingerprint security and NFC would make the 5S Pro. I could see a lot of business uses for that technology actually.
Well it'll at least be the same price as the equally tacky Nokia Lumia...
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