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Looking at all the "leaks" over the past months I keep thinking about the teardrop iPhone fiasco.Although I'm convinced Apple will release a cheaper iPhone of sorts I have a suspicion this isn't it.Could this be a controlled leak from Apple to act as a red herring from the 5S/6?5C is not brilliant at all.It should simply be called the iPhone Color.Honestly for me C = Cheap which should be what Apple DOES NOT want. And what does this phone have to do with the now old iPhone...
I agree that the iPhone Color seems to be coming.I'm still hoping it ends up being aluminum or a metal as not plastic.If it is plastic just as the leaks have suggested Tim Cook and maybe even Jonny Ive have both lost their minds.
We are not in the 90s anymore...Apple has completely changed course and have brought all of their products even the entry level ones up to their standards of metal and glass.Why would they go back on that now?If the $50 iPod Shuffle is made of aluminum why wouldn't a $400 iPhone?It just doesn't make sense for them to backpedal on their high quality brand ethos of metal and glass.Great point.Cook repeated how well the 4 was doing over the 3GS and I believe Apple brass knows...
What's vomit inducing aren't the colors themselves, but how the colors look with the plastic.Very cheap and Toys-R-Us-ish.Apple has never made colored plastic devices like that and for good reason. Why would they start now?This isn't a rant against fun colors. I like the colors Apple has used for the iPod Nanos over the past years.The problem I have is how disgustingly cheap they look with this plastic. Honestly they look like the $0.15 iPhone cases you can get on Amazon...
It looks passable in white but the colors we've seen so far all looked atrocious.If, and only if, this phone is real, I would hope it only comes in black and white, as those are the only colors that will look somewhat high end with this plastic.The lime, mustard, and blue colors all looked vomit inducing and cheap.Those colors are best done with aluminum as seen with the iPod Nano over the past years.
The YouTube link doesn't prove anything.We already know there is a company called Techdy making some of these plastic iPhone mockups.http://youtu.be/DboM3QgjBlgThis model with "FCC tags" doesn't look legit either. The area around the word iPhone and the FCC info is suspiciously fuzzy.Anyway these leaks aren't as convincing for me as the iPhone 5 leaks last year. These are more on the level of edge-to-edge display iPhone leaks and teardrop iPhone leaks.
Instead of that Blackberry should strike up a deal with Microsoft to use Windows Phone.Blackberry's clients likely wouldn't want Android but would probably would be alright with a Windows OS.Yeah Blackberry would probably still be a single digit player but at least they'd be more relevant with Windows than with what they have now.They could potentially sell their software division and make a pretty chunk of change for their various messaging patents.
Just because there are a gazillion leaks doesn't make any of them true.We already know Techdy is producing these plastic shells and branding some for their clickbaited Android plastic iPhone knockoff.It could also be them producing these leaks that follow the "leaked schematics." That would explain why the font is off and there is no FCC info on them.Remember 2 years ago all the leaked schematics for edge to edge screened iPhones and tear drop iPhones? Nowadays anyone can...
Agreed.This sounds like competition for the upcoming iPhone Lite. Apple and even Samsung have nothing to worry about if this is Moto's "flagship" effort.Only thing I'm gonna hate is seeing all the ads for this POS.A $500 million ad campaign? Really Google? What a waste. Looks like the Microsoft Surface debacle all over again tossing a half billion down the drain.
I like the idea.I assume Apple would save a lot on production with this as well.Only thing I hope is that the iPhone Lite is an aluminum iPod Touch phone and not a cheap plastic phone like the leaks suggest.Also like the idea of calling the iPhone 5S "iPhone Pro" and the cheaper phone simply "iPhone" but ONLY of the cheaper phone is NOT plastic.All aluminum forever Apple. Don't go back to cheap white plastic.
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