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Pretty much. I can see lots of people returning these because I'd imagine battery life would be dreadful on this.
Investors care more about the iPhone than iPad. The iPhone has higher margins and makes Apple quite a bit more money than the iPad hence why shares are up even with weak iPad numbers.
Agreed.If Apple is doing markedly worse in a year I'll agree with you that Tim has to go.All of the SVPs probably signed non-compete agreements.
Although the phone looks nicer in these videos I'm more convinced these plastic cases are fake.
  Tim has done well so far.    I haven't seen any glaring mistakes that would convince me Apple will be "quite a different company" under Tim versus Steve. Tim has the balls to make bold decisions much like Steve. He didn't hesitate to overhaul the largest OS in company history when he saw it was getting long-in-the-tooth. That's a move Steve would make, and Tim has been on top of things very closely ever since taking over.   Is Tim perfect? No, but he's made more wise...
  I think there may be a low cost replacement for the 4S, but it won't be because of necessity or because Apple is afraid of the high end market saturating.   They'll do it because they want to make the 16:9 4 inch screen, lightning connector, and likely LTE standard across the lineup.   The notion Apple is going low end to get more buyers or save themselves from extinction was proven wrong buy their numbers and results yesterday. 
  Seeing as how iPods contribute only 2% to Apple's overall numbers I could see them scaling back or even retiring the line once the iWatch and wearables come out.   I don't think we'll see senseless expansion of products. Tim Cook seems to be a very wise businessman and he has done an amazing job of keeping "Apple", Apple. They will always do a few things amazingly well.
Such a fickle bunch.I'm glad none of them mentioned the necessity of a cheap iPhone to sell in emerging markets. The 2 year old iPhone 4 sold like crazy even though everyone said people in emerging markets weren't interested in a 2 year old phone.
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