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I think you saw a Galaxy S3. Yes it does look like a big iPhone with a curved back and yes the earphone hole and camera are oddly placed.
I agree on A7.The A7 could be such a huge improvement that using the A6 in the affordable phone would still be a huge downgrade.Another benefit to using the A6 in the affordable iPhone is the cheap iPhone will have another 2 years of OS upgrades rather than 1.
  Apple could make a plastic iPhone thinner than the 5. The thinnest phone in the world is all plastic!   So if Apple were to make the purported plastic iPhone thinner then I would agree with those who think it should be called "iPhone Air," but as it stands now all the rumors are pointing to a thicker phone with an aluminum chassis which makes no sense.       If the phone ends up looking like these cheap nasty plastic mockups I think it could be called the "iPhone Color"...
  The plastic...
  I think the Saturn software that was part of the Locationary buy they had earlier today would give Apple the "killer" feature Google can't easily mimic.   Saturn seems to search the web for all information about a business and then streamline the info into any format necessary.   For example, if a restaurant post on a website, facebook, and urbanspoon their hours of operation, specials, and menu Saturn can grab that information from the various sources then streamline...
The iPod touch presents the same color pallet with far better tones and a better overall look than these atrocious plastic iphone mockups
Well that's obviously a picture from before Apple's war on plastic and shift to all aluminum and glass for their devices.Not just lighter, the device would have to be notably thinner than the 5S to warrant the "Air" moniker.
  With Tim on Nike's board I wonder if a product that's not unlike Nike's fuel band would create bad blood between the 2 companies?
  Well it looks like Locationary's Saturn software would make it easier for them to collect and correctly use the information those free sources would present.   Maybe that was the point of the buy?   The Saturn software seems quite powerful, and looks to be able to sort through massive amounts of web data and condense it into whatever format Apple would want the data to be.   The ability to gather information about a restaurant such as when it's open or closed or...
  +1   And this was a terribly written article as well. It was hard to understand what was trying to be said, and the diagrams were just.... painful.
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